Herschel Walker is more than an American athletic icon—he’s a national treasure.

There doesn’t seem to be ANYTHING that this man can’t do…

His list of accomplishments is long and distinguished. He’s gone from glory on the gridiron with the Georgia Bulldogs and a bevy of professional teams to gunning for gold medals in the Olympics as a bobsledder, then going undefeated in professional Mixed Martial Arts (and at the ripe old age of 49, no less).

Not only has Herschel tasted success in athletics…

But he’s also tasted success in the business world. His Renaissance Man Foods employs almost 1,000 people in the world of chicken, and he likes to consider himself a smaller Tyson Chicken.

So, Herschel Walker, as they say, can do it all.

Another plus about Walker that you may not know is that he’s a Republican, the co-Chair of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition, and a HUGE Trump Supporter.

Herschel has given Trump his endorsement in both elections – which is refreshing to see, since most people believe that Trump is a bigoted racist, and an endorsement from such a prominent and successful figure in the black community should speak volumes about both men.

And Herschel is no “silent majority” patriot either…

His social media is chock full of conservative content, whether it be support for fellow GOP members or calling out the Left for their ridiculous antics.

Celebrity Patriotism At its Finest

He’s not afraid to let his political views be heard…

And recently, he weighed in on AOC and her whining tour after her confrontation with Florida GOP Representative Ted Yoho.

The confrontation happened on the front steps of the Capitol and AOC contends that she was “accosted” by Rep. Yoho and Texas GOP Rep. Roger Williams, and the encounter allegedly devolved into Yoho calling her a “f**king b**ch.”

Ocasio-Cortez said that Yoho asked her “Do you really believe that people are shooting and killing each other because they’re hungry? You know, you’re unbelievable. You’re disgusting,’” Yoho said, apparently responding to statements that AOC made several weeks prior. According to Ocasio-Cortez, the Florida conservative was in her face, wagging his finger at her.

She said she “tried to calm him down, but he wouldn’t. And then I just told him he was being rude and he got even more angry, when I called him rude.”

At some point, Yoho allegedly called her the name as well before walking away.

Yoho, who denies calling her the name, described the incident happening differently: “I asked her, I said, ‘Hey, do you have a minute?’ She goes, ‘Yes.’ And we’ve never had a conversation before, and I wanted to ask her about this policy that she was telling people it was OK to shoplift if you’re hungry. And it went backward from there.”

However, Yoho did publically apologize to her on the floor of Congress – but again, denied calling her a name, but did say he called her policies “bulls**t.”

Which, for the record, they are.

But AOC went from outlet to outlet and even spoke about it on the floor of Congress, playing the victim every single time.

The Bulldog Vs. The Bartender

However, she seems to forget that the symbol for the GOP is an elephant—and elephants have long memories.

Herschel Walker decided to remind AOC about her own track record of insulting profanity, tweeting out, ““Sorry @AOC that @TedYoho called you out of your name, but your credibility is in question because you didn’t say a word when @Rashida Tlaib called the president a motherf***ker.”

He then tagged CNN, Donald Trump Jr., Fox News, MSNBC, and the President himself.

He’s right…

AOC can’t expect people to have sympathy for her when she was silent on the name-calling that happens DAILY against the president.

It makes her a hypocrite…

But that’s not surprising. Hypocrisy seems to run rampant in the Democratic Party.

It is absolutely wonderful to see Herschel stand up for our president…

If there were more people like him in the public eye, maybe our battle for 2020 wouldn’t seem so uphill.

Thank you, Herschel…

You’re an icon, a treasure, and a TRUE American patriot.


“SUCCESS is being able to come home, lay your head on the pillow, and SLEEP in PEACE.” Herschel Walker