Socialists like to claim that true socialism has never been tried before, so we can’t accurately judge its merits. They say that if world leaders would only implement socialism the “correct way,” it would work perfectly and lead us to utopia.

To them I say: Economically and socially, socialism can never work.

Proponents of socialism believe that the needs of all people could be equally met if only central planners were allowed to decide what gets produced and at what price.

Even if socialism could work the way they want— which is still impossible given world leaders’ tendency to concentrate their power and oppress their people— I wouldn’t WANT it to work.

Socialism promises the end of the dignity of the individual. Under socialism, the individual is reduced to an appendage of the collective. Individual people lose the right to choose their own destiny and their personal dignity is taken from them.

But that is just the social side of the socialist coin. The economic side of the equation proves that socialism will always fail economically. History has shown that central planning leads to shortages of essential goods. It ALWAYS happens.

Economically, Socialism Can’t Work

In a previous article, I wrote the following about the economics of socialism: “Without market incentives, it is impossible to efficiently allocate resources. It is impossible for a government bureaucrat to know what every consumer desires to purchase.

When a market is left alone and allowed to operate, consumer demand is taken into account and organically signals to private producers what consumers desire.

Without a profit motive, economies collapse. A producer will produce as long as there is a demand for their products.

Under a centrally-planned economy, the government dictates what gets produced and how much it costs. In a market economy, the value of a product (the sale price) signals to producers how much to produce.

In socialist countries, there is no way to gauge the value of a product. This often causes shortages for goods that consumers desire and a surplus of goods they don’t want.

The price of a good has a mystical effect on the world. Without it, our standard of living would be far lower than it is now. You would not be reading this article on a computer or other mobile device if there was no pricing mechanism in place.”

The economics of the unworkability of socialism produced horrifying results for the people of Ukraine under the tyrannical rule of Joseph Stalin.

In her book The Red Famine, author Anne Applebaum chronicled the events of the great famine in Ukraine and the Soviet Union which took place from 1931-1934. She wrote, “The Soviet Union’s disastrous decision to force peasants to give up their land and join collective farms; the eviction of ‘kulaks,’ the wealthier peasants, from their homes; the chaos that followed— these policies were all ultimately the responsibility of Joseph Stalin.”

Collectivization of the farmlands of Ukraine began in 1929. Stalin wanted the country, with its hugely fertile black soil, to be the breadbasket of the Soviet Union. He wanted to feed the important party officials and to export its grain abroad to fund his vast industrialization projects. It was an unmitigated disaster. Farmers were no longer paid for their produce but worked according to a ration system based on their productivity. In reality, it made them beholden to the party, which, controlling their finances, was able to control all aspects of their lives. And they were no longer able to buy food.

From there it only got worse, peaking during 1932 and 1933 when starvation struck Ukraine.

THAT is what happens when socialism is faithfully applied.

Bad economic policies have real-life consequences. The rise in favorability of socialism amongst today’s youth is disturbing. In their defense, they have never been taught anything about the economics of socialism, and they’ve likely never heard the facts that have been presented in this article.

Socialism has never and will never work. It can’t. It’s economically and socially impossible.

For the sake of our country and its future, we NEED to remember that.