An interesting question, right?

What would a self-admitted socialist do with a couple of million dollars in the bank?

Well, one could assume that they’d give that money away, right?

Think about what a socialist is…

A socialist is somebody that is for allowing the government to control everything … from creating and management of goods and services, to running what is to be allowed to be seen or heard on the TV or in media.

In fact, good old Merriam Webster says that a socialism is a system in which “there is no private property.”

If that’s the case…

Somebody better tell Bernie that he’s not really a socialist.

Bernie’s a Closeted Capitalist

Because if you have three houses (including a beach house on Lake Champlain), multiple cars, fly privately, and have millions of dollars in the bank … you’re not a socialist.

In fact, with that much success — especially on a senator’s salary — you’re more of a capitalist than a socialist.

Maybe socialist is synonymous with “hypocrite” these days, as that better describes what ole Bernie is.

It’s funny…

You rarely see a grass roots campaign for socialism. It never comes from the people — it’s proposed to the people by some politician. But can you ever remember hearing calls for socialism from the crowd that didn’t with bureaucrat or politician?

When you really think about it … The people that push for socialism hardest are the ones that would be in control of it all.

That’s convenient, isn’t it?

Even so, you would expect whoever called and pushed for socialism to practice what they preach beforehand…

Meaning: You would think that if Bernie really wanted us to all embrace the wonders of his “democratic” socialism, that he’d be living the lifestyle as much as he could.

As a socialist…

Why take more than you need?

If you have three houses — two in Vermont and one in DC — doesn’t it make sense for you to allow people to stay with you?

Maybe some of those illegal immigrants you believe should be getting a chance to stay in America … Why not open the doors to one of your three homes? Or, if not one, why not open the doors to the two homes you’re NOT using?

That would be very socialistic of you…

Why do you need to have multiple cars?

It makes sense to have a car in Vermont. Things are so spread out there, so there’s a need to have transportation…

But there’s zero need for a car in D.C.

There’s public transportation everywhere! Maybe Bernie should take the Metrorail or buses to work every day instead of driving — or being driven by some private car service because … well, it’s private…

Sort of like the way Bernie’s been flying lately.

Do you understand how costly it is to fly privately?

Most estimations are that a flight from Florida to Vermont average about $25,000 per leg of the journey, meaning a roundtrip flight would cost anywhere between $40,000 to $50,000…

How could any self-respecting socialist EVER bring himself to fly privately? Flying privately is the epitome of capitalism! It’d be like working for Ford and driving a Chevy or living in Boston and liking the Yankees.

It just doesn’t fit…

Just like being a millionaire doesn’t fit with being a socialist.

Give It Away Now

How much money does a socialist need? You would think that they’d want to give as much money away as possible because you believe in helping out your fellow citizens.

You want to tax the rich at 90 percent? Then how about you just pay 90 percent of your wealth to the government? Call it a voluntary tax.

If you want the American people to be OK with it, then wouldn’t it make sense for you to lead by example?

You can pay the government as much as you want above what is required…

So, why not?

Maybe it’ll be better if you actually live like you believe what you’re saying rather than just looking like it with your ill-fitting clothes and your unkempt hair.

It’s time to make the life fit the message.

You know, they often say, “be the change you want to see in the world.” Maybe you should take that saying to heart, Bernie…

Because now, you’re not looking the part.

The way you’re living now, you just look like a hypocrite…

And that’s never a good look … for anybody.


“One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside.” ― John Lennon