Kamala Harris is an unlikeable person, and that predictably makes her an unlikeable vice-presidential candidate.

There’s a reason she got outlasted by 13 other Democrats during the run-up to the DNC nomination race, and it wasn’t because she was running out of money.

It was because people simply didn’t like her, especially after Tulsi Gabbard’s artful takedown of Creepy Joe’s new running mate, where she simply brought up the past of Harris’ shady practices as the Attorney General of California.

With most Democrats, it’s easy to attribute their Liberals ways to them being misinformed and uneducated in the ways of the REAL world.

However, in Kamala’s case, she’s just a bad person.

She showed this by burying evidence that could have exonerated innocent people just to keep her conviction numbers up, letting them rot in jail for crimes she KNEW they didn’t commit.

That clearly shows us that justice isn’t a concern for this supposed person of the law.

The Questionable Morals Of Kamala Harris

But there’s an even more recent example of her skewed morals: accepting the VP nomination from Joe Biden, a man she essentially called a racist and a rapist.

Because either she was LYING about her belief that Biden is a racist and her support for Biden accuser Tara Reade in order to make him look bad so she could get power, or she TRULY believes he’s a racist sexual predator and is willing to put that aside in order to gain power.

Either way, it’s not a good look for anybody – especially a VP candidate.

However, it may not matter…

Kamala has friends in high places that could ensure that she and Biden secure the win in 2020.

If you remember, Harris called for Twitter to ban Trump from the platform, and she famously did it on the debate stage where NONE of her fellow Dems backed her up.

Well, she may get what she wanted after all because one of her former employees now is one of the higher-ups at the social media giant’s headquarters.

Friends In High Places

Nick Pacilio, who was once Kamala’s press secretary, is now a senior communications manager at Twitter.

This means that, while he may not be involved in deciding what does or doesn’t get removed from their platform, he DEFINITELY holds some influence over what is and what isn’t censored.

That. Is. Dangerous…

Especially this close to the election.

Can you imagine if Twitter decided to take Kamala’s advice and ban Trump now? It’d be a disaster.

And despite all that, there’s really no way to tie it to Harris herself.

Talk about election tampering. This relationship alone could sway the vote in their way.

The scary part is that this ISN’T the only pal that Kamala has in in the upper echelon of social media management…

Jamal Greene, a professor at Columbia University’s Law School, used to be an aide to Kamala in the Senate. Not that being a law professor holds much sway…but being on the fact-checking board of Facebook does.

Greene’s Twitter is FULL of anti-Trump tweets, and he’s now in control of what does and doesn’t get kept on the biggest social media platform in the world.

Can you see how dangerous this all is?

If they thought Russia’s interference was bad…

What Harris brings to the table could be a LOT worse and with much longer-lasting side effects.

Keep your eye on Conservative content on your social media platforms going into November…

If you start to see that more and more of your friends’ content is disappearing, you’ll know exactly why.


“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” – Maya Angelou


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