Vice President Kamala Harris finally speaks on the surge of migrants illegally crossing the southern border—but she’s blaming it on climate change.

Because in 2021, everything can be blamed on either racism or climate change—or both, if it’s convenient for the narrative.

So, let’s get this straight: if migrants are being held at the border under a Democrat presidency, it’s because of “climate change,” but if it’s under a Republican presidency, it’s due to “racism.” Funny how that works.

This time around, it’s climate change that’s to blame for “kids in cages.”

Harris told the Washington Conference on the Americas on Tuesday that the “root causes” of migration from Central American countries to the United States revolve around a “lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience.”

Listing off the “acute factors” contributing to the mass emigration from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, Harris indicated are “the hurricanes, the pandemic, the drought, and extreme food insecurity.”

Harris says “longstanding issues” including “corruption, violence, and poverty” are also reasons for the border surge, in addition to “the lack of economic opportunity, the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience, the lack of good governance.”

Following weeks of silence on the border crisis, neglecting her responsibility to lead the charge on the issue, Harris emerged from her Los Angeles mansion to tell the American people that the root cause of it is climate change.

Instead of unveiling a plan of action or, at the very least, restoring Americans’ hope in that she can fulfill her duties as the second in command, Harris drew a card straight out of the Democrat playbook to advance another part of their radical agenda.

While it may be a stroke of genius marketing-wise for the Democrats’ agenda, it’s utterly ridiculous to suggest that climate change is the underlying reason for the migration, more than it is due to the lack of opportunities available, and the rampantly corrupt government officials.

And it’s even more ludicrous to parade it out as if that’s a good response to give after remaining silent for more than a month as tens of thousands of undocumented people flooded – and continue to flood – the US-Mexico border.

But, similar to how everything can be considered “infrastructure” to the Democrats, everything is also “climate change” now.

Based on Kamala Harris’ remarks, Democrats seem prepared to continue their inaction on the border crisis. Instead, they appear ready to blame circumstances all while doing nothing to stop the surge of migrants.