It’s May 1. That means the communists of the world are uniting to protest capitalism … this time, in Paris.

Far Left Activists Call for Paris to Become the “Riot Capital”

The “yellow vest” protesters are a group of street hooligans who are determined to bring down the capitalist system. They have participated in mass protests throughout France for the past year.

They have threatened police and set fires in Paris.

Today, they are at it again.

This time on May Day.

A group called the Black Blocs — a group of international anarchists and anti-capitalists — led the riot.

The New York Times reported about the Paris demonstration:

“Black Bloc adherents called on social media for a mass gathering in Paris on May Day, from across Europe, to raise mayhem. Officials said that as many as 2,000 Black Bloc marchers had been expected. Some demonstrators chanted anti-capitalist slogans, brandished flags with Soviet hammer and sickle, and held aloft placards in support of Julian Assange and the Palestinians.”

Classy folks.

History of May Day in Europe

May Day is often referred to as “International Workers’ Day” in Europe. The day started being celebrated by labor activists in the United States until it was eventually ceased by socialists in Europe. The communists made it a holiday to celebrate the workers of the world.

The day became a bloody affair after World War I.

It is a day to celebrate communism — don’t let anyone tell you differently.

According to the radical pro-communism site In Defence of Marxism, it is a day to celebrate class resistance. An article appearing on their site defends the holiday:

“Unfortunately for our class, we are still bound by the chains of world capitalism. The workers have attempted repeatedly to change society, but have been held back by their leaders. That is why today, as socialists, we do not just celebrate class resistance but also acknowledge the scandalous role played by the trade union and labor leadership. They have become ‘the labor lieutenants of capital,’ only interested in ‘sweet heart’ deals and agreements with the bosses, to the detriment of the workers they are supposed to represent.”

This radical rhetoric is similar to the nonsense uttered by Comrade Bernie Sanders.

It is amazing that after a century when socialism was responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people, it is still celebrated. People take to the streets every May 1 to make their voices heard in defense of the morally depraved economic system.

Capitalism has lifted billions of people out of poverty. It has raised the standard of living to a level that would have made kings and queens living a hundred years ago look poor.

But still the system is derided.

The truth is, capitalism will never guarantee equality.

That is not the point. Capitalism is meant to ensure equality of opportunity.

There is equality in communist countries, but it’s equality of poverty. Everyone is equally poor … except those favored by the authoritarian government.

Communism makes people more unequal. The government holds the wealth and power, and the rest of society lives in poverty and submission.

Happy May Day!

On second thought, never mind. It is not a happy day.