Most importantly, the World Wide Web has given us Freedom Wire!

We here at Freedom Wire are very pleased to celebrate 30 years of the World Wide Web.

You may have noticed the Google logo was a computer in honor of the anniversary — when searching for Freedom Wire articles, of course.

For people 30 and younger, it is hard to imagine a world without the internet.

Many can’t even remember the days of dial-up internet and those free trial discs that AOL sent in the mail.

Back in the day, kids, you had to actually use your phone line to open the internet. There was not such thing as Wi-Fi.

Almost everything in our lives is in some way connected to the World Wide Web. We order tickets online, purchase airline tickets, catch an Uber, watch sporting events and movies, and so much more.

The world wide web isn’t the same as the internet. It’s a common mis-understanding.

The internet predated the World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web was invented on this day in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee.

Berners-Lee was a research fellow at the famous CERN lab in Switzerland.

He originally designed the World Wide Web as a way to make data sharing easier amongst computers at CERN.

The internet its own entity. The internet is a giant network of computers that are united by their ability to communicate and exchange information through the network. When you go “online,” you’re putting your computer in touch with all the millions of other computers that are connected to the network, aka the internet.

The World Wide Web is the way to access the internet. It is the information superhighway.

His invention shrank the world. You can communicate with people around the world. You can play online chess against a man in India, follow the lives of friends from high school on Facebook and search for answers to your questions on Google.

It’s a modern technological miracle.

Capitalism has helped grow the internet into a fixture in our lives. The modern digital age wouldn’t be the same if it were left in the hands of some government researcher in the Defense

Department. The internet is an open-source entity that lets human creativity flourish.

It does have its drawbacks, though.

Political discourse and bullying can be unbearable online. Radical Islamists have used the World Wide Web as a way to radicalize its followers, and hours of idle time keeps many people from being productive in other aspects of their lives.

But most importantly, the World Wide Web has given us Freedom Wire!

We are here to give you Conservative news without the fluff. We are here to inform you and entertain you; and without you, this site would not be possible.

Thank you for being a loyal reader. We look forward to serving you in the years to come.

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