11 days of escalated conflict between Israel and Hamas have finally come to a halt after Egypt negotiated a ceasefire that began at 2 a.m. local time.

Israel’s Security Cabinet “unanimously accepted” the Egyptian initiative for a “mutual ceasefire without pre-conditions,” as recommended by IDF, ISA, head of the Mossad, and NSC, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement.

Fighting originally began more than a week ago after Hamas began launching thousands of rockets targeting Israeli civilians, for which Israel swiftly retaliated. Since then, dozens of people have died amid the escalation of violence in the region.

President Biden celebrated the awaited ceasefire on Thursday, for which he takes partial credit as a result of “intense diplomatic engagement” by his team in addition to Egyptian officials, The Hill reported.

The president said during a White House speech it is his belief that both Palestinians and Israelis “equally deserve to live in safety and security,” despite some Democrat members of Congress advocating against Israel’s right to defend itself.

“I believe the Palestinians and Israelis equally deserve to live in safety and security and enjoy equal measures of freedom, prosperity and democracy,” said Biden.

“My administration will continue our quiet and relentless diplomacy toward that end. I believe we have a genuine opportunity to make progress and I am committed to working toward it,” the president continued.

In addition to pledging his support for peace between Israel and Palestine, Biden criticized sponsor of terror Hamas.

He said his administration will work with the UN to “provide rapid humanitarian assistance and to marshal international support for the people of Gaza and the Gaza reconstruction efforts,” which they will do “in full partnership with the Palestinian Authority – not Hamas, the Authority – in a manner that does not permit Hamas to simply restock its military arsenal.”

Vowing to rebuild Gaza and restock Israel’s Iron Dome are defining steps for the Biden Administration’s diplomacy efforts as a new presidency.

The administration is, thus far, showing full-fledged support for not only the ceasefire but also Israel’s ability to defend itself against attacks from terrorist groups who seek to destroy the Jewish nation.