The recent movement to “defund the police” following the death of George Floyd has caused an increase in shootings and violence across the country, with a diminished police presence leaving people more vulnerable than ever.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “In Milwaukee, homicides are up 37% so far this year, on pace to break the record of 167 in 1991, which included 16 murders by convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Homicides so far this year in Chicago are ahead of the pace of 2016, which marked the city’s highest tally since 1996. In New York and Los Angeles, which have seen falling numbers of homicides for years, killings this year are up 23% and 11.6%, respectively. Kansas City, Mo., has recorded 99 killings since January, far outpacing any record for the first six months of the year.”

Predictably, this increase in violence has caused Americans to be concerned for their own safety and that of their families. In order to protect themselves when the police are defunded and or are reluctant to patrol high-crime areas, Americans have been purchasing more guns…a lot more.

The Washington Post reported, “FBI numbers released Wednesday show that 3.9 million background checks were conducted last month, the most since the system was created in November 1998 to ensure felons and other prohibited people could not buy or possess a firearm. The previous monthly record came in March, when 3.7 million checks were done. Each week in June is now in the top 10 weeks for background checks.

Halfway through 2020, just over 19 million checks have been done, more than all of 2012 and each of the years before that…

Adjusted to reflect only gun purchases, the number of checks for June was up nearly 136% over June 2019, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which represents gunmakers. That adjusted figure was 2.2 million, the group said.”

The rise in violent crime and the movement to gut the police have caused people like myself to go purchase a gun for the first time. I have always been a STRONG defender of the Second Amendment, but I’ve never felt compelled to purchase a firearm for myself…until now, and I am not alone.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a staggering 40% of Americans who have purchased firearms are first-time buyers.

These are scary times in America, and they are about to get scarier. Not only is there now a movement to defund the police, but there has been an effort by the Left for years to decimate—if not outright eradicate—the Second Amendment. Every time there is a mass shooting in the country, the Left advocates for gun control policies that would take guns away from Americans, whether they are law-abiding citizens or not.

They confuse “automatic” firearms with “semi-automatic” firearms. Basically, every firearm that isn’t automatic is classified as semi-automatic, so, essentially, they would be banning nearly all firearms in the United States.

The late Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens even went as far to write an editorial before his death advocating for the abolishing of the Second Amendment.

Stevens wrote that lawmakers “should demand a repeal of the Second Amendment … that support is a clear sign to lawmakers to enact legislation prohibiting civilian ownership of semiautomatic weapons.”

All ten components of the Bill of Rights are on the Leftist chopping block, so it makes sense to add the Second Amendment to that list. In the meantime, law-abiding Americans will likely continue to stockpile their own private stash of firearms, because sadly, the Left has given them no choice. Eventually, there will be no one left to protect Americans except those who own guns.

Welcome to the Left’s vision for America’s future.