If there’s one other governor giving Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis a run for his money regarding future presidential aspirations, it’s Texas’ Greg Abbott, who has recently signed a considerable number of conservative bills into law.

Although the exact reason behind the governor’s upswing in conservative laws remains unclear, we can only hope it is a lasting trend in response to the Biden Administration’s push for radical legislation.

Abbott has officially declared Texas a “Second Amendment Sanctuary State,” required professional sports leagues to play the National Anthem, and banned the use of commercial P.O. Boxes for voter registration—all in the same week.

“Don’t tread on Texas,” Abbott said ahead of signing House Bill 2622, the “Second Amendment Sanctuary State Act.”

“Politicians from the fed. level to the local level have threatened to take guns from law-abiding citizens. Not in TEXAS!” Abbot continued on Twitter. “I just signed SEVEN pieces of legislation into law protecting #2A rights in Texas — including constitutional carry & making Texas a #2A sanctuary state.”

This makes Texas the 15th state to pass such legislation, following Missouri and Nebraska’s footsteps.

Not only has Abbott vowed to defend Texans’ right to bear arms, but he also signed legislation defending patriotism in America.

The governor signed Senate Bill No. 4 requiring professional sports teams in Texas to play the Star-Spangled Banner at the beginning of every game. Forbes reported that all new financial contracts between pro sports teams and the state will mandate “written verification” vowing to play the anthem.

Teams that do not comply will have federal funding stripped from them.

Abbott also targeted election fraud in Texas’ latest legislation by signing Senate Bill 1111, streamlining voter registration.

Effective Sept. 1, it will be against the law for voters to use commercial P.O. Boxes as their legal address.

Last week’s variety of new laws that secure citizens’ elections, Second Amendment rights, and state traditions come on the heels of other recent legislation favoring conservative values.

Over the last few months, Abbott has banned vaccine passports, outlawed mask mandates, implemented patriotic education, and defunded Planned Parenthood, among many more measures.

It’s safe to say that Texas is back to reclaim its title as the freest and most independent state in the nation. While Florida and South Dakota certainly have a head start, the governors of these three states could easily make a case to vie for the White House in 2024 based on recent actions.