Anybody that says that they don’t have any regrets in life is either a liar or in denial.

Everyone has regrets, and one of my very own is that I never served my country in the armed forces.

If I knew back in my teens and twenties what I know now, I would have entered into the military, most likely the Marines.

It may have been for the best that I didn’t, but there is and probably always will be a twinge of regret for not serving my country in this fashion.

There are multiple reasons why, but when it comes down to it, it’s about having the willingness to put my life on the line for something I now hold dear but took for granted in my youth: freedom itself.

There is nothing nobler in this world than to fight for the liberation of another soul, and while I try to do what I can from behind a keyboard, I never got to share a battlefield with like-minded patriots.

There’s a bond formed between people on a shared battlefield that makes them closer than family.

It’s a bond of brotherhood that is not easily broken.

Forging The Bond Of Brotherhood

There are thousands of stories that have been told and retold over the years about this bond, and while each one is important, we have a recent example that’s as touching a story as you’ll ever hear.

Greg Adams, a former Green Beret, has raised $35,000 to help his former Afghani interpreter escape the country in which they both served. The Taliban is quickly taking over following America’s withdrawal, and Adams’ decade-long effort to get the State Department to grant his friend, Moneer, a special visa to come to the United States failed multiple times.

According to the GoFundMe page, Adams stated, “Moneer distinguished himself with every unit he served on over the years, especially Army Special Forces (Green Berets). Our ability to communicate with locals in local Tribal leadership, Afghan government, and Security Forces were instrumental to mission success. We relied on his judgement and advice every day. He has been blown up by an IED, been in more firefights than many experienced soldiers, and served the US, NATO, and Afghanistan militaries for over a decade. Moneer receives threats on this life, has had his home and land stolen from him, and is vocal and active about sharing the loss of his fellow interpreters from extremists targeting those that helped the United States.

I’ve supported Moneer on his SIV process since 2010, but made little headway due to the bureaucracy, lack of transparency, and missing urgency of the current system. No one that I have spoken to at the elite units Moneer worked with could foresee the problems that he has faced getting this SIV approved, and it’s dumbfounding. After three tries at the visa, contact with my Congressional Representatives, non-profits, and lawyers, it’s time to get Moneer and his wife out of the country before it’s too late.”

And it’s more important than ever to get Moneer and people like him out of Afghanistan. Following Biden’s accelerated removal of the American military, Afghanis who helped the Americans over the past 20 years are in grave danger.

Let’s Bring This Patriot HOME

America OWES these people a great deal, the very least of which should be the chance of a new life in a safe place.

Biden is the one endangering Moneer and others that helped the US over the years, as his accelerated pullout leaves those pro-democracy citizens in a precarious position.

However, even though Biden’s administration is saying it’s doing everything it can to speed up the visa process for Afghans who worked for and with the US, it’s not fast enough. Taliban reprisals are happening as we speak.

We can only hope that Adams’ efforts to get Moneer and his family evacuated to Turkey pay off sooner rather than later/

Because if it doesn’t happen soon, this patriot (he put his life on the line for America, so yes, Moneer is absolutely a patriot) could find himself in the crosshairs of America’s enemies.

We need to bring him home…

It’s what he deserves.


“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein


To give to the effort to bring Moneer home, please visit the GoFundMe page located here: