Over the past several years, the music industry has consistently degenerated along with many other aspects of American society as Leftists continued to gain power.

But Americans are growing sick of the elites in this country who decide what we see, hear, watch, and believe.

They are tired of being led around by wealthy, agenda-driven Liberals who care more about their ideological goals than what the people want.

Finally, they are starting to revolt against the twisted perversions pushed in pop culture.

Ratings for the 2021 Grammy Awards significantly tanked Sunday night after Grammy-winner Megan Thee Stallion took the stage with Cardi B to perform raunchy dances mirroring those found in strip clubs.

During the awards ceremony performance of their duet “WAP,” a trendy acronym for “Wet Ass Pussy,” the women danced on a strip pole, twerked, mimicked sexual acts, and other perverted movements. I’ll spare you the video.

Following the crude performance, viewership for the 63rd Grammys ceremony saw a steep decline of 53 percent from last year’s ratings, hitting a record low for the awards show.

According to Nielsen ratings, just 8.8 million viewers tuned in last weekend compared to 18.7 million in 2020.

Is it any wonder why Americans turned the tv off?

It is offensive and uncomfortable to have to sit through such vulgarity for many adults, but families were likely even more appalled by Hollywood’s idea of Sunday night entertainment.

Even Liberal comedian Trevor Noah of the Daily Show warned viewers that the performance might not be suitable for children, adding that parents can tell their kids, “it’s a song about giving a cat a bath,” Washington Examiner reported.

A “cat bath,” he said.

This is where we’re at in America. We’re being told to lie and disguise shameless depravity in front of our children in order to simply watch an awards show.

Hopefully, the tanked ratings prove a point to the show’s producers that Americans will not tolerate this level of degeneracy in our entertainment anymore.

In modern-day society, there are more music and entertainment alternatives than I can count. Americans don’t need the Grammys to tell us what the best music of the year was according to their standards.