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Hi everyone!

I’m Grace Saldana. As I like to describe myself on social media, I’m a proud Christian conservative trying to make her way in a liberal world.

Since I was about eight years old, I’ve been obsessed with American history. I just couldn’t get enough of learning about the British settlers who fled the monarchy and the Founding Fathers who created the single most powerful document in history: the Constitution of the United States. All of these brave men and women were united by the goal of ensuring American liberty.

As I got older, I started feeling trapped by the PC Police. I felt like my voice was being silenced due to my identity as a young Hispanic woman from California who disagreed with the Leftist narrative. So, instead of backing down, I started speaking out more.

I carried this passion for freedom with me into college, where I joined the conservative college activism group Turning Point USA. Soon after that, I founded a club on campus that grew to 200+ students, I’ve had spots on national tv, and I’ve had the opportunity to see President Trump speak twice!

Now, I’m wholly dedicated to working to preserving American values, even when everything in our culture tries to destroy them. I’m honored to contribute to FreedomWire to get this job done.

Grace Saldana's Articles

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