Democrat pandering to Hispanics is not panning out well for them as they continue to lose Hispanic support across the country.

A massive shift is happening – and it’s not just in South Florida, home to Cubans and Venezuelans who fled socialism-ridden countries.

Hispanic-Americans in Texas are also rejecting Democrat policies and favoring the Republican Party even in local elections.

Republican mayoral candidate Javier Villalobos won his race for Mayor of McAllen, Texas, a border town, in a special election upset on Saturday, defeating his Democrat challenger.

Villalobos won the city of McAllen, which has historically elected Democrat candidates, with just over 51 percent of the vote, Valley Central reported.

“It was a tight one, so I congratulate my opponent,” said Villalobos, according to the Progress Times. “It was a very well-run campaign. But we’re very glad and fortunate that we prevailed.”

However, that’s not all. The town is also nearly 85 percent Hispanic, according to 2019 demographic estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau, which could symbolize a drastic shift in voter loyalty.

Even more significant is the fact that McAllen is located on the edge of the Rio Grande, next to the US-Mexico border.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) believes that regardless of Hispanic heritage, the Americans who live in these border towns agree with former President Donald Trump’s messaging which is now reflected by most of the Republican Party, The Blaze reported.

“Aside from Hispanic heritage, most of the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas have similar demographics to Trump’s strongholds in rural communities across the country,” he told the Texas Tribune.

“It’s homogenous, deeply religious, pensively patriotic, socially conservative, and it’s hurting economically,” Cuellar said.

Republicans seem to be successfully tapping into the fact that the beliefs and values Hispanic-Americans have go far beyond just their skin color. While Democrats campaign on the idea of race, Republicans are winning by campaigning on principles and good ideas that resonate with Americans of all races.