Coronavirus relief round two is here to save the country…maybe.

The GOP’s $1 trillion dollar stimulus package includes everything from more personal checks to small business loans, from funding for schools to financing for more testing. While this sounds like a nice band-aid to the economic hit America has taken from the pandemic, from a conservative standpoint, this may not be the best solution to endless lockdowns perpetuated by Leftist politicians and fake news.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell revealed Republicans’ version of a second stimulus package, called the HEALS (Health, Economic, Assistance, Liability Protection, and Schools) Act, prior to negotiations with Democrats. McConnell says the trillion-dollar price tag on the relief bill includes what Republicans think is “realistic” and “what we think makes the most sense for the country at this particular time.”

Specifically, the relief will add:

  • $105 billion incentive for schools to reopen
  • $16 billion in additional coronavirus testing
  • 5-year liability shield for schools and businesses from coronavirus lawsuits
  • Second round of $1,200 stimulus checks
  • Extension of unemployment payments (at a reduced rate)
  • More PPP loan assistance
  • Freezing 2021 Medicare premiums at 2020 levels

While the bill is similar to the first stimulus package, it insists on specific changes that intend to wean Americans off of government assistance. Here are the most significant differences:

  • Federal unemployment payments will be lowered from $600 to $200 a week
  • States will be required to only provide laid-off workers 70% of their full income (as compared to 100% previously)
  • Businesses who received PPP loans before will only be eligible this time if they have fewer than 300 employees

McConnell’s bill is a far cry from the HEROES Act which is the second coronavirus relief package House Democrats countered with. Nancy Pelosi’s astronomical $3 trillion dollar bill would:

  • Provide up to $6,000 in stimulus checks per family
  • Continue the $600 federal unemployment benefit through January 2021
  • Continue unemployment for self-employed and contractors through March 2021
  • Allocate $1 trillion to state, local, territorial, and tribal governments who have budget gaps (Democrat-controlled)
  • Send $200 billion to “essential” workers
  • Provide $175 billion to help renters and homeowners with loss of insurance
  • Add $75 billion for contact tracing, isolation, and testing
  • Free coronavirus treatment for all Americans
  • Increasing the maximum food stamp benefits by 15%

Republicans and Democrats are expected to begin negotiations on the second stimulus relief bill as soon as this week, with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Rep. Mark Meadows leading the charge.

The Democrats’ “coronavirus relief” package is more of a Democrat bailout package and campaign wish list than anything else.

Democrat-run areas are always the ones that have massive budget deficits, so of course they want $1 trillion to resolve that. It’s not surprising at all that they want to give people even more government assistance and allow them to receive it for almost a YEAR from now. Plus, they want to allocate billions of dollars to contact tracing, or “tracking” as I like to call it – and isolation? What is isolation? Whatever it is, it sounds terrifyingly unconstitutional.

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t thrilled about my free trial of socialism this year. I definitely don’t want it to be guaranteed to continue next year, like they are trying to ensure happens.

Think about it this way: they are taking the taxes we pay and redistributing them by the trillions all across America. And for what? So, we can be told we can’t go to a restaurant, forced to wear face masks, and mandated to adhere to quarantine orders? So the Democrats can run rampant and defund the police, eliminating our safety while they allow dangerous riots to continue?

This is exactly what’s happening.

On the other side, I am not exactly thrilled with the GOP’s stimulus package either because adding to our black hole of national debt and going for a soft reopening of our country is not the solution to our problems. There is no middle ground on this issue. By sending out more stimulus checks and keeping most unemployment payments, we are incentivizing people to stay home.

Either we believe our country should reopen or we stay shut down. We can’t stay in this gray area of reopening and reclosing because of coronavirus “spikes.” That is a never-ending cycle that will result in our country dying a slow death economically and ideologically. Staying in the gray area in which we find ourselves right now devalues our rights as the government continues to hold them hostage. The longer we stay shut down, happy to rely on government assistance, the more powerless we become while we are subjected to our state politicians’ whims, both now and in the future.

We are actively trading liberty for safety, and I won’t pretend that’s okay.