The Democrats are losing an uphill battle as they continue to fight against Trump’s impending re-election in November. All evidence—besides the fake polls the mainstream media pushes—points to a red wave in November. So, Democrats’ greatest weapon, the Leftist social media companies, are ramping up censorship efforts against conservatives at a level never seen before.

Nevertheless, they’re still losing.

A study conducted by Pew Research Center (PRC) earlier this month shows that Democrats are beating a dead horse by vastly out-posting GOP lawmakers on social media. Republicans are driving most of the engagement among users. In technical terms, PRC says the “Median GOP lawmaker now gets more audience engagement than median Democrat on both Facebook and Twitter,” although Democrats typically have larger followings.

The divide is most significant on Twitter versus Facebook, however. Perhaps this is what inspired their latest censorship campaign? Although Democrats out-tweet Republicans by nearly double, Republicans receive about 30% more likes and 15% more retweets. Whereas on Facebook, Democrats out-post the GOP but not by the vast margin they do on Twitter. Facebook users still engage with GOP posts far more than Democrat posts.


To conclude this analysis, PRC used a variety of tools to study engagement on a dataset of every Facebook post and tweet from every voting member of the US Senate and House of Representatives between January 2015 and May 2020.

This must be what has the Left in such a frenzy. Despite the fact that Democrat politicians have about 17% bigger followings on average than Republicans, they still get less engagement.

This could mean either: their base is just not motivated, or that what the Right does post is working better. That would explain the cancel culture push to get Facebook to fact check Trump and crack down on his supporters. It would also explain Twitter’s severe actions to ban QAnon users, flag conservative content, shadowban and blacklist right-wing activists, flag the President, and other discriminatory policies.

However, the Left’s anti-American measures to suppress conservatives on social media is backfiring.

In a new report from Twitter, their ad engagement and revenue took a steep 23% decline from Q1 to Q2 of 2020, tech blog Search Engine Land reported. From a business sense, it’s pretty hard to LOSE advertisers when the monetizable active user base on the platform saw a massive increase of 34%.

While Search Engine Land blames the revenue loss on the pandemic, it fails to address the elephant in the room: Twitter also ramped up censorship on users despite surmounting lawsuits and investigations.

Speaking of legal action, CEOs of social media giants including Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple are set to testify in an anti-trust hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee this Wednesday. Rep. Jim Jordan wrote to Chairman Jerry Nadler to add Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for his displays of egregious abuses of power.

Jordan requested, “We believe there is bipartisan interest to hear from Twitter about its power in the marketplace, its role in moderating content on its platform, and the causes for its recent highly publicized security breaches,” he wrote. Jordan has been highly critical of Twitter for showing, “discrimination against conservative voices.” There is a good chance Dorsey will be pulled into court this week to testify for his platform’s security breaches and to answer to the court for his blatant bias against the Right.

Finally, we are not only watching Twitter destroy itself as far as revenue, but also witnessing it (hopefully) be subjected to the American rule of law. It is not legal for them to continue to act as moderators on a free-speech platform. President Trump has already addressed Twitter’s illegal actions via executive order making them legally liable for what they do and do not permit on their platform. Now it is time for the law to preside and hopefully lead to justice being served.