If there was an American trait that seems to be recognized the world over, it would probably be self-assuredness bordering on cockiness.

We tend to be VERY sure of ourselves, even in situations in which we shouldn’t be.

There’s no telling where this trait evolved from. Maybe it was from the cowboys of old – or maybe it stems from our historical ability to win armed conflicts, enforcing that the American way was the right way…

Regardless, American exceptionalism seems to be something that many of us carry both home and abroad.

And in a way, that’s a good thing. Confidence is an important factor in human development. In fact, science saw it so crucial to human development they forced us to accept that ALL kids could play sports and ALL kids deserve a trophy—and you’ve seen where that has gotten us.


You can’t help but to admire a little bit of confidence in our leaders. Trump became president almost entirely because of his self-confidence, so it’s proven that having a little gumption works.

Confidence Is GREAT – Cockiness Isn’t

GOP Congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene has just shown a little gumption of her own, and it’s that display that’s worth discussing today.

She recently beat prominent neurosurgeon John Cowan in a primary runoff for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District’s open seat—and in her victory speech, she may have spoken out of school.

What’d she say?

Well, right out of the gate she said, “I just wanna say to Nancy Pelosi. She’s a hypocrite. She’s anti-American. And we’re going to kick that b***h out of Congress.”

But here’s the thing…

That kind of rhetoric is a little premature.

While it’s true that Greene is firmly based in a deeply Red district, the fact remains that political unrest, mail-in-voting, and a radicalized Leftist push make it so an ultimate victory isn’t guaranteed.

In fact, winning election these days is literally that proverbial 50/50 tossup, and talking about kicking one of the most established and prominent Democrats out of Congress is a bit premature…

Especially when the seat hasn’t been won yet.

Say what you want about Rashida Tlaib saying “we’re going to impeach that motherf**ker,” but at least she waited until she won the actual seat before doing so.

Don’t get us wrong…

We love the enthusiasm and we LOVE the idea – but the fact remains that before we talk about booting Pelosi out of Congress, let’s win the race first.

Let’s Hope GOP Turnout Matches Her Enthusiasm!

Regardless of their premature nature, Greene’s remarks were met with loud cheers from her audience, as you would expect them to be.

After winning, Greene tweeted out, “WE WON! Thank you for your support! Save America. Stop Socialism. #sass Defeat the Democrats!”

All things we can get behind…

But she hasn’t won ANYTHING yet.

In football, there’s only one time you can celebrate: when you reach the end zone. Greene hasn’t even gotten into the red zone yet.

However, with the face she’s putting forward and the ideas she’s put on the table, we sincerely hope she does.

It’s refreshing to see an unapologetic Conservative making headway. Lately, even in a deep Red district, being so hardline could cost votes.

Regardless, we hope that’s not the case, and we’d love to see people turn out to vote Red across the ballot in November…

It would be GREAT if we could turn the House and keep the Senate Red.


“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller