Google, America’s favorite monopoly, has flown under the radar lately in the censorship blame game. That is, at least aside from their usual censorship of conservatives on their video platform YouTube and via Google search engine results. However, new research shows that Google’s Gmail is also a tool they weaponize to manipulate what users are exposed to.

The Markup, a Big-Tech watch group and newsroom, revealed research they conducted earlier this year that indicates Gmail displays bias in determining what political email content their users receive.

The group’s findings reflect a four-month-long study where they analyzed how Gmail treated 5,134 political emails from 171 groups and politicians from multiple political affiliations. Researchers fully subscribed to receive all political emails from these individuals and organizations between October 16, 2019 and February 12, 2020.

The Markup’s key takeaways indicated a variety of email mishandlings by Google:

  • Gmail diverted nearly 90% of political emails away from the primary inbox, to “promotions” or “spam”
  • Only about 11% of political emails were sent directly to the primary inbox
  • Gmail blocked almost half the political senders from the primary inbox completely
  • Emails from most presidential candidates went to “promotions” 64% of the time, while those from Sanders and Warren went to the same category more than 90% of the time
  • Gmail sent less than 1% of campaign emails from Congressional candidates to the primary inbox
  • Gmail drastically increased deliverability to the primary inbox for specific groups and individuals – American Enterprise Institute (99%), Democratic Socialists of America (75%), Pete Buttigieg (63%)

Clearly there is a level of bias happening when certain entities are getting significantly higher delivery to the primary inbox, although the user intentionally signed up to receive everything.

The study also shows that Gmail gave favor to presidential candidates in a specific order, with Pete Buttigieg (62%) and Andrew Yang (46%) at the top, then dropping to Michael Bloomberg (17%) and Julian Castro (12%). The rest trailed behind at single digits or only partial percentages.

The most notable finding the study revealed is related to President Trump, of course. Despite fully subscribing to receive emails from the Trump campaign, researchers received a total of ZERO emails. Of the 17 presidential candidates, including alternate GOP candidates, they received emails from all but Trump (0.0%).

Coincidence? There’s no possible way. Google is tyrannically arbitrating what emails we receive, from whom, and where they go.

This must be illegal. If my mailman can’t choose what mail I do and don’t get lest he be accused of mail fraud, then why should my email provider get away with it?

That’s a rhetorical question. They shouldn’t.

When asked for comment on the findings, Google communications manager Katie Wattie told The Markup that algorithm-based mail sorting helps, “users organize their email.” Wattie also claimed, “Mail classifications automatically adjust to match users’ preferences and actions… Users really like the tab organization,” she inadequately responded.

Google severely underestimates us if they think we don’t know what their “algorithms” do by now, or that we don’t see their routine political bias on YouTube, or worse, as if we don’t know they made a custom search engine for China that hides the truth about the CCP’s inconvenient history from their own citizens. It’s clear that Google is trying to do the same thing to American citizens. They want to sway political elections in their favor, suppress information, and censor citizens. Sounds pretty communist to me.

Friendly reminder that there’s an anti-trust hearing scheduled this week where both Democrats and Republicans will join in a bipartisan effort to question Google on trial for many of their anti-American ploys to control information and the internet at large. Stay tuned for updates