The world press gleefully reported on the celebrations that took place over the weekend following the media’s declaration that President Trump had been defeated by Joe Biden. The implication being that Americans should be happy to see throngs of world leaders and citizens of other countries celebrating Trump’s demise.

No doubt those who voted for Biden and other globalists were tickled pink to see the world’s reaction to Trump’s apparent defeat. However, there are over 70 million Americans who voted for President Trump – each of whom couldn’t care less what foreign countries think of our election results.

For many of Trump’s supporters, his America First foreign policy is one of his top selling points. Trump doesn’t play by the foreign policy establishment’s rules – as he not only defends American interests – but has also brought peace to places that nobody ever thought possible.

He was tough on our enemies and our allies. He stood up for American interests in trade, security, and in the process finally got NATO allies to contribute more to the defense alliance. The days of America getting ripped off were put on hold for the past four years, and the globalists are relishing the opportunity to see power transferred to Beijing Joe. (Hunter Biden is licking his chops as well.)

The Washington Post reported, “It did not take long after Joe Biden’s victory was projected for world leaders to unleash the normal flood of congratulatory messages. But for those abroad that have felt uneasy with President Trump and his norm-breaking style, it was a much-awaited moment of optimism and even jubilation…

Shouts of ‘Biden!’ and cheers broke out in Berlin, London, Toronto and other cities when the excruciating wait for an announcement came to an end. On Twitter, echoing Paris’ mayor, people tweeted out, ‘Welcome Back, America’…

Traditional allies spoke of a need to rebuild ties and multilateral cooperation against such challenges as the coronavirus pandemic and climate change after Trump’s ‘America First’ approach upended decades of U.S. foreign policy. In some capitals, the idea of a return to normalcy after four years of criticism, unpredictable behavior and tariffs from the White House was welcomed.”

Trump’s list of foreign policy accomplishments is long. President Trump is far from the trigger-happy cowboy the media portrayed him to be. He is the first president in recent memory that has not sent American troops into foreign wars, he has avoided conflict, and he has been all-around dedicated to the cause of peace.

His Middle East peace deals will be one of his most lasting contributions to the world. He has been nominated for two Noble Peace prizes for his role in negotiating peace between Israel and three Muslim nations.

He moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem, ripped up the Iran Nuclear Deal, staved off a conflict with North Korea, killed two of the worst terrorists in the world, and pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord, and he rescinded Obama’s normalization of relations with the Castro regime in Cuba to boot.

He also moved money around to fund a portion of a border wall and was able to get Mexico to send troops to the border to keep more illegal immigrants from crossing into the country.

Joe Biden might be more loved by the world community, but I would rather our country be respected than loved. Joe Biden has been wrong on every major foreign policy issue in the past five decades.

He was against the First Gulf War—which was a massive success—and voted to go to war in Iraq in 2003—which didn’t go as smoothly. He then claimed—falsely—that he opposed the Iraq war from the moment the bombs dropped on Baghdad.

He then opposed the 2006-2007 troops surge in Iraq that helped turn the tide of the war. Biden supported the Obama troop withdrawal in Iraq, which led to the rise of the ISIS caliphate.

The following are a few more of his foreign policy blunders:

He opposed the Bin Laden raid, supported the NATO invasion of Libya, supported the Iran Nuclear Deal, was opposed to the airstrike against Iranian terrorist Qasem Soleimani, and has stated that China is not a competitor to the United States.

The world may rejoice at the news of Biden’s apparent election to the presidency. So be it. A Biden presidency would take the country back to the Obama days of leading from behind and a restoration of the American apology tour.

Donald Trump hasn’t apologized for America; he has stood up for America. The world’s reaction to his political demise is further proof that he did what he said he was going to do. He was a man of his word. He put America first.