Earlier in the year, Gillette launched an ad campaign tackling the issue of “Toxic Masculinity.”

Gillette, a company built to sell shaving gear to men, was essentially attacking their own customer base.

Not a smart way to conduct business.

So What Is Toxic Masculinity?

“Toxic masculinity” is a popular term used by the Social Justice Warrior crowd.

Recently, the American Psychological Association released guidelines for psychologists who work with men on how to best treat those who adhere to “traditional masculine ideology.”

Researchers break toxic masculinity down into three parts:

1) Suppressing emotions or masking distress

2) Maintaining an appearance of hardness

3) Violence as an indicator of power

It is true that studies have shown that some of these traits have been linked to aggression and violence, mental health problems, and substance abuse issues. It is important for a man to find someone to confide in to prevent problems from occurring.

However, the SJW crowd takes this to an extreme. They want to completely throw out the traditional role of men as breadwinners and protectors.

Gillette’s marketing strategy has backfired. The company is licking its wounds following the release of its latest earnings report.

Spoiler: They aren’t good.

Gillette Paying The Price

The ad that started the company’s war on toxic masculinity said: “Boys will be boys’? Isn’t it time we stopped excusing bad behavior? Re-think and take action by joining us at http://TheBestMenCanBe.org.”

For the full video, click here.

The ad featured men engaged in different forms of toxic behavior, like catcalling, bullying, groping women, and violence against others.

That ad wasn’t a hit. In fact, it was a massive dud that did damage to the company’s bottom line.

Reuters reported, “Proctor & Gamble Co’s quarterly revenue and adjusted profit beat Wall Street expectations on Tuesday, sending shares to a record-high even as the world’s No.1 personal goods company took an $8 billion charge on its Gillette shaving business. Proctor & Gamble reported a loss of about $5.24 billion, or $2.12 per share, for the quarter ended June 30, due to an $8 billion non-cash write down of Gillette. “

Ouch. Being socially “woke” is not good for business. Apparently, they didn’t realize that men like being men and don’t like being preached to by people who make their razors and shaving cream.

Gillette won’t acknowledge that their ad campaign was a mistake, even though it is obvious to anyone with half a brain.

The company blames its losses on currency fluctuations and an increase in competition. They noted that the razor industry as a whole has declined by 11% over the past five years as consumers in developed countries are shaving less frequently.

There is some truth to that explanation, but they are being intellectually dishonest by not acknowledging the obvious: they attacked their target market, and that market responded accordingly.

Maybe someday we can go to the store or watch football games again without being preached to by Social Justice Warriors. We don’t need them to lecture us. We are capable of making our own opinions.

That will be the day.