The summer of wokeness continues. On Thursday, the long-awaited return of baseball finally came. America’s national pastime was back on our tv sets for the first time since last October. Finally, sports fans could take a break from the gloomy news that is permeating throughout our country… um, nope, false alarm!

That’s right, the opening night of baseball turned into a Black Lives Matter protest, with members of both the New York Yankees and Washington Nationals standing together in solidarity as a melodramatic video narrated by Morgan Freeman played on the jumbo screen. A Black Lives Matter logo was displayed on the pitcher’s mound, and players were allowed to display social justice messages on their uniforms.

Stop this! Liberals ruin everything that is fun. I am a huge sports fan, as I know many of you are as well. Watching and playing sports has been a big part of my life since I was a little kid. Watching sports taught me life lessons and has served as a form of entertainment that distracts from the news for a few hours a day.

Is it too much to ask to be allowed to watch a ball game for three hours without being inundated with politics? Apparently, the answer is “yes, that it is too much to ask for.”

But there was one player who refused to literally bend the knee to the social justice mob. In the preceding game between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers, Giant relief pitcher Sam Coonrod stood during the National Anthem while the rest of his teammates and team manager kneeled. Coonrod cited his Christian faith for his decision to stand.

USA Today reported that “because of his Christian faith he ‘can’t kneel before anything besides God.’ He also said he does not agree with everything he has heard about the Black Life Matter movement.

‘I’m a Christian, like I said, and I just can’t get on board with a couple of things that I have read about Black Lives Matter. How they lean towards Marxism and they’ve said some negative things about the nuclear family,’ Coonrod said, per NBC Sports Bay Area. ‘I just can’t get on board with that.’”

Slow clap for Sam Coonrod…

No doubt he will be shouted down and shamed by the Twitter mob and other MLB players, because that is what they do. Let’s call it the “Drew Brees” effect. As you may recall that earlier in the summer, future hall of fame quarterback Drew Brees posted a video online declaring that he stands for the National Anthem because of the military service of members of his family, in particular those in his family that served in World War II.

Brees was subsequently scorched by the mob and made to repent for his sins. He immediately took to Twitter and digitally bent the knee to the mob in the form of a cringe-worthy apology in which he thanked people for “educating” him on the evilness of the American National Anthem, or something.

Cancel Culture is real and it isn’t going to abate anytime soon. Players like Sam Coonrod are rare these days. Hopefully, he has a spine to hold true to his beliefs in the face of the social justice mob.