After weeks of a news cycle dominated by coronavirus coverage, it’s time to focus on something else for a change…and nothing deserves more attention than the developments in the mysterious case of Jeffrey Epstein.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend and alleged pimp, is now suing Epstein’s estate to pay for her legal defense and personal security. She has some nerve, playing the victim card. She has been credibly accused of helping to procure underage girls for Epstein’s global sex-trafficking ring and is said to have engaged in or facilitated the abuse herself.

The Guardian reported, “Ghislaine Maxwell, the former girlfriend and longtime associate of Jeffrey Epstein, has sued the late financier’s estate, seeking to recoup legal fees to defend herself against claims that she helped recruit women for Epstein’s alleged sex-trafficking ring.

In a complaint filed with the superior court in the US Virgin Islands, Maxwell said she had ‘no involvement in or knowledge of Epstein’s alleged misconduct’ and the financier had repeatedly promised to support her financially.

Maxwell is also seeking reimbursement for security costs, saying she ‘receives regular threats to her life and safety’ requiring her to hire personal security services and ‘find safe accommodation.’

How is it that Maxwell—who is the daughter of a billionaire media mogul—is in need of financial assistance? The money from Epstein’s estate should be used to pay the victims who were abused by the now-deceased sexual predator. She has some nerve, taking that money to defend herself from those very victims.

Maxwell has been accused by the victims of playing an integral part in Epstein’s sex trafficking enterprise. One of Epstein’s alleged victims tore into Maxwell on Twitter. Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s accusers who has said she was recruited by Maxwell to Epstein’s alleged trafficking ring, criticized the lawsuit.

“Memo to GM- How dare you play the victim card when you victimized me and countless others. You are a vile, evil, sadistic creature not even worthy of calling a human being. I hope the judge ruling over this laughs you out of court and into jail.”

The Daily Mail reported that Maxwell “taught Virginia all the skills she needed to keep him happy. Those included how to act in front of important and powerful people, how to dress, how to hold her knife and fork, and, of course, how to please him – and his friends – sexually.”

Maxwell had been keeping a low profile for many months following the alleged suicide—there is ample reason to believe it wasn’t a suicide—of Jeffrey Epstein in August of 2019. There has been much speculation about her whereabouts, with some claiming that she could be in witness protection for helping law enforcement investigate famous friends of Epstein. Epstein paled around with celebrities ranging from former President Bill Clinton to Prince Andrew of England. Maxwell has a lot of information that could be very damaging to those famous men, and they would have ample reasons to want her silenced.

Her sudden appearance in the news is noteworthy given her months of isolation and it marks the first time she has been heard of in any capacity for quite some time.

Gishlane Maxwell is just as much a monster as Jeffrey Epstein. She deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and thrown in jail for the rest of her wretched life.