For the past 10 months, Conservatives have been repeatedly warning against the stark similarities between modern day current events and those that led up to World War II.

While we are living through unprecedented times for the US, which has been successful in preserving liberty for hundreds of years, these times aren’t necessarily unprecedented for the rest of the world.

Many countries have a long history of subjecting their citizens to tyranny and they don’t think twice about doing it again.

However, what’s concerning is how many countries around the world have joined together in taking action to “combat” the spread of the virus, regardless of the cost or the means.

Just how far will they go?

Some European countries seem to be willing to go as far as they need to in order to eradicate the virus—as well as any ideology that disagrees with how the state chooses to handle it.

In the German state of Saxony, people who repeatedly break quarantine will be forcibly placed in detention centers, where they will remain under police guard, according to Washington Examiner.

The Telegraph reported the detention centers will be located in fenced off portions of the country’s refugee camps.

Saxony is one of the biggest viral hotspots in Germany, prompting officials to take swift action against quarantine violators.

Under the Disease Protection Act passed in Germany last year, state governments now have the authority to detain individuals who they deem pose a health risk.

The New York Post reported that Joana Cotar, a member of the Alternative for Germany party, tweeted that people who are being sent to the detention centers have been “reading too much Orwell.” Of course, Cotar is implying that the rule-breakers are doing so in defiance of what seems like a burgeoning nanny-state.

Ironically, Cotar doesn’t seem to understand that her statement only adds to the legitimacy of the idea that 1984 is coming to life under these state-lockdowns, quarantine rules, and now, detention centers.

“Reading too much Orwell” is exactly something a person in power would accuse dissenters of doing in any dystopian film or book.

Although Germany isn’t exactly known for upholding human rights over the years, they are still a powerful Western country whose people have been generally free in recent years.

So, the fact that they have brought back detention centers for quarantine violators should deeply concern Americans regardless of political affiliation. This behavior cannot be normalized if we want to avoid the mistakes of years past.

And in Germany’s case, they should definitely not let the past repeat itself.