The day has finally come where it’s not just conservatives in the United States who can plainly see the threats the coronavirus lockdowns pose to our freedoms. German citizens are wising up to the draconian measures that governments across the world have imposed on their people to “slow the spread”.

On Saturday, thousands of Germans flocked to Berlin to demonstrate in support of a massive protest called “The end of the pandemic,” or “Freedom day.”

Fed up with government control measures, German citizens chanted phrases including, “We’re here and we’re loud, because we are being robbed of our freedom!” according to reports. They also held signs stating “We are being forced to wear a muzzle,” “Masks make us slaves,” and “Natural defense instead of vaccination,” among other slogans.

Police estimated that nearly 17,000 German citizens showed up to advocate for the cause. Needless to say, they defied local officials’ calls on bullhorns to wear face masks and social distance. Officials said they brought up a criminal complaint against the organizers who did not enforce the pandemic rules, leading them to bring the event to an end shortly after.

Of course, the country’s left-wing politicians, like America’s own, reject the protestors efforts to restore their own freedom. The Social Democrat co-leader Saskia Esken tweeted her disapproval of the movement. Calling protestors “covidiots,” she wrote, “They not only endanger our health, they endanger our successes against the pandemic, and for the revival of the economy, education and society. Irresponsible!”

I find it ironic that Esken is calling people “irresponsible” for protesting to have the right to take responsibility for themselves. That’s what protestors’ phrase “natural defense instead of vaccination” means. It’s taking responsibility for yourself, making healthy choices, and moving toward herd immunity.

What no one wants to say or hear is the simple fact of life exists that some people will not make it through a virus.

That holds true even if we do have a vaccine. A vaccine isn’t a cure, it’s preventative at best, and typically has a success rate of less than 50%.

I find it suspicious that governments worldwide suddenly care about the death rate of their people and are ardently working in the interest of “public health” and safety. Why don’t they care about the other top killers that take vastly more lives in a year than coronavirus ever would – like heart disease, car accidents, and opioid addictions? Where are the massive efforts to prevent these deaths? By their logic, we should crack down on anything that contributes to these deaths and shun anyone who disagrees in the name of freedom. We should just be permanently locked down so no one risks death.

So, my point is, why is coronavirus so special? Why the lockdowns? Furthermore, people are dying even with the lockdowns, so what are they really accomplishing?

We can’t stay locked down forever, for more reasons than simply retaining our rights. While it is vital that we retain those, it is also important that we save people who cannot handle the mental health effects of lockdowns, as well as children, who will be affected in still-unknown ways. American conservatives understand this, and now the Germans do too. Hopefully, this marks the beginning of a wave of pro-freedom protests against the controlling governments across the world.