It appears that the Republicans are going to lose control of the United States Senate following Tuesday’s Senate runoff election in Georgia.

This is a devastating blow for conservatives and is even more infuriating because too many Republican, Trump-supporting voters sat out the contest because they were discouraged by what happened to President Trump in November’s election.

There is absolutely no excusing that behavior. All of us who voted for President Trump are just as infuriated by the results of November’s election, but that doesn’t mean that sitting out the Senate election is a worthy form of protest. In fact, it is the opposite.

This is not a form of protest or of continuing to “fight.” It is a form of surrender to the radical Left. President Trump himself campaigned in the state for the two Republicans and relentlessly encouraged Georgia’s Republicans to get out and vote red.

It appears that the Senate will be in the hands of the Dems and with that control, they will be able to pass most, if not all, of their radical agenda.

If Senator Joe Manchin caves, the Democrats will end the filibuster, which means that they can pass whatever legislation they want because Kamala Harris as vice president would cast the tie-breaking vote.

In addition to the elimination of the filibuster, the Democrats will be able to add Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, and possibly even Guam, as new states, thus ensuring more senators and congressman for the Dems and putting them on the path to a supermajority.

They will almost assuredly add justices to the Supreme Court that will rubber-stamp their legislation, as well as push the Green New Deal, public healthcare option, and amnesty for illegal aliens. And that is just the short list.

They will have the opportunity to pass a Liberal wish list the size of the Magna Carta now that they appear to have won.

On New Years Day, the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal highlighted even more of the Liberal onslaught that is about to drop like a hammer on America.

The Journal wrote:

“Start with control of committees, which would shift markedly leftward. Republicans would lose their ability to investigate issues like FBI abuse and Hunter Biden’s China dealings. A GOP Senate is likely to approve most of Mr. Biden’s cabinet picks, but Democrats would whisk through even controversial nominees like Neera Tanden at the White House budget office or Xavier Becerra at HHS. There would be no check on judicial nominees.

But if the filibuster goes, so do bipartisan restraints. Statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico become possible, with four new Senate seats to cement a Democratic majority. Mr. Biden’s aggressive union agenda has a chance, including overtime pay mandates and easier organizing of franchise chains. So do nationwide mandates for ballot harvesting and mail-in voting, a ban on arbitration in business contracts, price controls on drugs, huge subsidies for green energy, and perhaps a carbon tax. We could go on.”

To those Republicans who stayed home, I ask: Was it worth it?