Far-Left Globalist puppet master George Soros is allegedly giving $220 million to organizations that supposedly fight against “systemic racism.”

The Daily Wire reported the following about Soros’ latest Left-wing funding spree:

The Open Society Foundations, a network of nonprofits founded by George Soros, is investing massive amounts of cash into black-led racial justice groups and activism…

Most of the allocated money, $150 million, will go to “Black-led justice organizations” in the form of five-year grants designed for groups to continue working after outrage over the death of Floyd and others subsides and fundraising shrinks…

The other $70 million will go toward ‘more immediate efforts to advance racial justice,’ according to the Open Society Foundations’ statement. Some of the funding will further ongoing initiatives to ‘reimagine’ policing and community safety as local governments move to wholly or partly defund their police departments. Funding will also go toward encouraging more youth activism, encouraging voter turnout, and securing U.S. elections.”

The term systemic racism is woefully misunderstood by Leftist groups such as Black Lives Matter. What does that exactly mean? Taken literally, that implies that the deck is stacked against black people at all levels of government, business, and popular culture.

A quick rundown of black leaders and successful businessmen and entertainers disproves this notion. Here are a few names of prominent black Americans that just came to my mind by playing a quick game of word association: President Barack Obama, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Atlantan Mayor Kaisha Bottoms, BET founder Robert Johnson, Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kamala Harris, Lebron James, and countless other mayors and police chiefs.

If America is “systemically racist,” then the nation is really bad at being racist.

The great American scholar Dr. Thomas Sowell told Mark Levin on his Fox News program that systemic racism “really has no meaning that can be specified and tested in the way that one tests hypotheses. It does remind me of the propaganda tactics of Joseph Goebbels during the age of the Nazis, in which he’s supposed to have said that ‘People will believe any lie if it is repeated long enough and loud enough.'”

“It’s one of many words that I don’t think even the people who use it have any clear idea what they’re saying,” Sowell explained. “Their purpose is served by having other people cave in.”

Dr. Sowell cited research he has conducted in the past in which he found that, while researching one of his books, “something like 22% of blacks were in poverty, 11% of whites were in poverty. Which, ‘Well, that shows the racism.'”

But Sowell also found that the poverty rate among black married couples was 7.5%.

“In other words, black married couples not only have a lower poverty rate than blacks as a whole, but they also have a lower poverty rate than whites as a whole,” Sowell said.

George Soros will be giving radical Leftist organizations $220 million to fight against oppression that is no longer exists. Writing for the Daily Wire, Matt Walsh had a plausible observation of why Leftists are marching in the streets when we have never been freer and more prosperous.

Walsh wrote, “I think the answer is that struggle is a basic human need. Humans, it turns out, must have something to struggle against, fight against, overcome. Humans need, even, to suffer — if only in manageable doses. What we cannot do is sit still, luxuriating in our comforts, and remarking on how easy we have it. We cannot be happy that way. Decadence is not quite as fun or fulfilling as we thought it would be. We need a struggle of some kind, but in modern society, there aren’t many forms of struggle immediately on offer. So we have to create one for ourselves.”

Organizations such as Black Lives Matter have leaders that are openly Marxist and are using the death of George Floyd to advance their socialist policy aspirations. They have taken advantage of the murder of George Floyd to persuade millions of young Liberals that there is a problem of systemic racism when the data shows there is no such thing in 2020 America. Their only solution for solving this mythical problem: Give them the power. They know what’s best for us, they claim.

And power-hungry individuals like George Soros are more than happy to take advantage.