Echoing the most radical of Democrats, former President George W. Bush praised the progressive Biden administration while condemning White Christian Republicans.

When asked about the GOP’s chances at winning back the House and Senate in the 2022 midterm elections, Bush told The Dispatch Podcast on Friday that it has no chance as long as it “stands for exclusivity.”

Because of Biden’s calls for “unity” between Democrats and Republicans, Bush thinks the GOP has a chance if they stop embracing “White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism.” Otherwise, the Republicans can forget about winning back the White House in 2024.

Of course, Biden hasn’t actually done anything to foster “unity” across the political aisle.

“I know this – that if the Republican Party stands for exclusivity, you know, used to be country clubs, now evidently it’s White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism, then it’s not going to win anything,” Bush said.

“I think Republicans will have a second chance to govern because I believe that the Biden administration is a uniting factor, particularly on the fiscal side of things,” he said about whether he thinks the Republican Party has a chance to win again in the future.

I’m not sure where George W. Bush has been for the past several years, but contrary to the mainstream media’s narrative, Trump’s administration did not cater to “Anglo-Saxon” Whites, as Bush is suggesting.

The 45th president’s policies benefitted all races, particularly minorities. Under Trump, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians saw historic low unemployment rates, while women saw a 75-year low. Trump introduced a $500 billion “Platinum Plan” to invest in Black communities, as well as a similar “American Dream Plan” aimed at Hispanic communities. He also secured permanent funding for Historically Black Colleges, and pioneered criminal justice reform, in addition to many other significant accomplishments that benefit minorities.

However, Bush was right when he said the current GOP stands for defending Protestantism, as they should, being that the Judeo-Christian understanding of God is what this country’s ideas and laws are founded on. Hence, many popular historically American phrases like, “One Nation Under God” and “In God We Trust.”

Moving away from Protestantism would be the biggest mistake this country ever made. Yet, is this what Bush is pushing for?

If the GOP conformed to the Democrats’ idea of America, in the way Bush suggests, we would become a godless society that worships social justice. The Biden administration want Americans to embrace the racist idea of racial “equity” and forgo the idea of “equality,” an idea that comes from the religious teachings of the Bible.

Ultimately, they want us to put our faith in government instead of God, but thankfully, enough patriotic citizens reject this idea and have hope that Donald Trump’s Republican Party will too.