We hate saying “we told you so” – but we definitely told you so.

We told the world that, with Joe Biden coming into office, the price of everything would be going up—not to mention all the new taxes, given that he said he would be repealing the Trump tax cuts on day one.

Seriously. Here’s a refresher in case you forgot.

Now, we don’t know why he would eliminate Trump’s tax plan…

The US government has seen more taxes coming in year after year for decades – and even with the tax cuts, those tax revenues STILL went up.

So, why does Joe want to cut legislation that is putting more money in Americans’ pockets (on average about $1,800 annually as well as an average $1200 tax break)?

Simple: he doesn’t really care about Americans.

Biden is a globalist, and all he really wants to do is set himself and his family up for the future when the elite get to tell all the drones what to do and when to do it.

But while he wants to tax the average working American, dollars to donuts say his rich elitist buddies will continue to get the same tax breaks and have the same loopholes they always have.

And what’s scary is that the Left doesn’t care!

Biden told America that their taxes would be going up if he got elected – and the Left STILL clamored over each other to “elect” Joe Biden into office, overlooking or ignoring this important statement by Creepy Joe: “Guess what? If you elect me – your taxes are going to be raised… not cut.”

Don’t believe us? Here’s the video clip.

So, is it ANY surprise that the price of gas is starting to go up?

There is something called “price anticipation” and it happens before EVERY president takes office. Given the fact that Biden and his lackeys have talked about raising taxes and ending fracking, the entire WORLD is anticipating the moves that are sure to drive prices of everything (but especially crude oil) through the roof.

It seems like Americans have VERY short memories…

If you remember, Obama was against fracking and offshore drilling as well, and gas prices were in the $4 range at one point during his administration, reaching over $5 in some areas of California.

Did these people think that Biden wouldn’t be doing the same thing?

Honestly, did they believe that Joe Biden would come into office and all of a sudden, their taxes were going to go down and the difference would be made by penalizing the uber-rich more?

They kept harping on the “your taxes are going to go up if you make over $400,000” – but they missed the part where he was going to REPEAL Trump’s tax cuts, effectively raising ALL taxes…

And that goes for the taxes on gas.

Elon Musk must be torn…

He probably doesn’t like the fact that Biden is going to be raising taxes and the prices of everything – but he’s gotta be happy that more and more people will be looking to buy one of his electric cars, making Tesla an EXCELLENT investment over the next four years.

And if you think gas is the only thing that will be going up, think again…

These price hikes are going to be felt across the board, EVERYTHING is going to cost more money – and the Left thinks it’s only the rich who’ll be feeling the crunch.

It’s like they don’t pay attention to anything…

And now, we all get to pay the price… literally.


“If you buy a gasoline car that is not self-driving, it’s like riding a horse and using a flip phone.” – Elon Musk


Editor’s Note: The market is already preparing for a future in which gasoline is banned completely. The Left has been moving that way for decades now, which is why some companies are making moves to ensure they have a place in the coming Liberal utopia. Here’s something that looks so revolutionary it’d be surprising if Elon Musk doesn’t snatch it up for himself: “A 12-million-mile battery”! Get the full story HERE.