Yesterday, my colleague Sean Robertson and I had the privilege of attending the historic kickoff event for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. President Trump officially announced his bid for a second term as president of the United States at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

It’s no coincidence that the president’s re-election campaign began in Orlando. Florida is one of the battleground states that President Trump must win in order to have a chance at another term in the White House. The Amway Center is located directly adjacent to I-4. The vaunted I-4 corridor between Orlando and Tampa is the most contested part of the state.

Taking Freedom Wire To Our Fellow Patriots

Tens of thousands of Trump supporters waited in line for hours. The pouring rain and the Florida heat couldn’t dissuade them from attending the historic rally.

We walked for entire blocks, shooting video footage, asking Trump supporters questions, and filming our observations of the days’ events.

A few of those observations are worth discussing here, because the mainstream media will never accurately report about the massive gathering of Trump supporters.

The crowd was very diverse. While the media would have you believe that Trump supporters are just angry old racist white men, nothing could be further from the truth. The crowd was made up of a mix of every demographic imaginable: African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians, Asians, men, women, straight people, people from the LGBTQ community, millennials, and the elderly alike.

The media and the liberal establishment want you to believe these Trump supporters don’t exist. They are wrong, and I’ll admit I was pleasantly surprised.

The media also want you to believe that Trump supporters are disorderly and full of hate.

Again, not true. We saw no evidence of this at all. The people we encountered were very respectful and cleaned up after themselves. They thanked the police and security staff for their service, and they were a delight to converse with.

After spending the day with our fellow patriots, it was time to go inside the arena for the main event.

President Trump Announces His Intention To Run For Re-election

Not only was this my first Trump rally, but it was also my first time covering a major event as a member of the media. It was surreal to receive a media credential and to sit among so many of the same people I have denounced in my columns.

Fortunately, I had mostly positive interactions with many of them. After all, it’s nothing personal. I just disagree with their representation of conservatives in the press. Unlike them, we don’t pretend to be journalists, we are conservative patriots who give our take on the day’s political events.

Vice President Mike Pence got the crowd fired up and said that it was “game on.” The crowd roared with approval, which set the stage for the man they had all come to see.

First Lady Melania Trump took to the stage to introduce her husband, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

The crowd’s reaction to his arrival was deafening. The people in attendance clearly love their president.

Throughout the speech, the president did a good job of staying on-message and highlighting his accomplishments during his time in office.

He also took shots at the media, which led to the crowd booing those of us in the press area. I wanted to yell to the president that not all of us in the media are bad, but it is unlikely he would have heard my plea in an arena full of 20,000 people.

The President commented on the Mueller report and how the Democrats want so badly for there to be a “do-over.”

Trump highlighted the successes he has had, in spite of the phony investigations and media slander, including appointing 145 judges to the courts, two Supreme Court Justices, and taking steps to secure the southern border.

President Trump also touted his new trade deals and the success of the economy on his watch.

One thing was apparent from listening to the speech: the president has followed through on many of his promises. Many presidents in the past have paid lip service to taking action, but he has actually followed through on the things he promised during his first campaign.

However, the night’s loudest ovation was reserved for outgoing Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Trump invited her onto the stage to thunderous applause. In that moment, it was apparent that a political star was born. It has been rumored that she may follow in her fathers’ footsteps and run for governor of Arkansas.

It was an honor to cover this historic rally for FreedomWire, and to share the experience with you, our loyal readers. For our full coverage of the event, check out the latest episode of our podcast which will be posted HERE