What the Big Tech overlords calling the shots at Google, YouTube, and Facebook don’t want you to know is that FreedomWire is expanding!

For far too long, we’ve been shadow-banned, censored, and restricted on mainstream social media platforms, not unlike many other conservative channels.

And it’s about time that we start branching out to free speech platforms that support the American values we love.

Freedom of speech is one of our favorite rights, being the outspoken patriots we are, and we want to invite YOU to join us in our quest for independence.

Fight back against censorship and add us on our three newest platforms free of cost: CloutHub, Parler, and Spotify!


If you aren’t on CloutHub yet, you should be. CloutHub is the next big thing for video sharing, social networking, news, and more—all in one place! But the best part is, of course, they are completely dedicated to promoting free speech for all.

Find us there @FreedomWireNews where we are posting our articles, rants, and soon, our podcasts!



As you may have heard, Parler is BACK online! After going dark for several weeks after a Big Tech suppression campaign, the free speech platform is back in action and so are we.

Although the app is banned from the Apple app store, it is available for download from their website: parler.com.

Find us on Parler @FreedomWire



FreedomWire is now on Spotify! To our knowledge, Spotify hasn’t taken any radical actions to censor users…yet. Hopefully, they never do.

We are uploading audio of all our podcasts, interviews, rants, and other content on our Spotify channel.

Just search “FreedomWire Podcast” on Spotify, and be sure to subscribe!

Other Channels

If you are sticking with mainstream social media platforms, don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere unless they kick us off.

You can still find us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at FreedomWire News!

We hope you join us on any or all of the several new platforms we are expanding to. If you have any suggestions for your favorite alternative social media websites you would like to see FreedomWire on, drop them in the comments!