We’ve all heard the stories…

We’ve all heard how liberal-run social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook are taking it upon themselves to censor conservative voices on their platforms.

The worst part is…

The company doesn’t even know it’s being censored.

None of these social media outlets come out and tell the conservatives they’re being censored or anything…

They just change the algorithms to make it so nobody sees their content.

It’s called a “shadow ban” — and it’s one of the more effective and underhanded weapons that the Left uses to try and silence conservative voices.

Now, we didn’t need to see this with our own eyes for us to believe that this kind of tactic was being used — we trust our fellow conservatives to tell the truth — as fake news is the realm of the liberals.

Even so…

It made us wonder — how many of these people are ACTULLY getting censored, and how many are just not getting the kind of visibility they wanted?

It’s easy to think that you’re being censored when you’re not getting the number of views, likes or shares you were hoping to get on social media when you’re a conservative and there’s so much evidence to prove that this is happening.

FreedomWire Under ATTACK?

With FreedomWire only being six months old — we didn’t expect this to happen to us.

Our presence and impact in the conservative world has yet to be felt…

We’re just getting started — and we don’t really have the kind of social media following or presence that would garner the attention of the social media thought police.

Well … we were wrong.

It’s happened — and we have quantifiable PROOF that FreedomWire’s social media presence is under some kind of attack.

Our social media was picking up steam…

Not so much in Instagram — but our Facebook presence was really starting to gain momentum.

Our likes and shares were approaching double digits on almost every post that was being made.

As of June 1 — that all changed.

We went from each post getting anywhere from 170 likes … down to FOUR.

We went from getting 80 comments … down to ZERO!

We went from getting 73 shares … down to ONE!

Are we being censored by the Left?

Are we being shadow-banned?

The thing is — we don’t know. However, if something looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and walks like a duck…

Odds are — it’s probably a duck.

“Top of the World, Ma!”

Just to be sure — we did a little experiment…

We actually PAID to boost one of our recent posts — and while the numbers were higher than the four likes, zero comments and one share — they were nowhere NEAR the numbers that we’d been getting previously.

What does that tell you?

Are we being censored?

Have we been shadow-banned?

Without talking to any Facebook officials — we won’t know for sure.

The thing is — we wouldn’t even CARE about our social media presence except for the fact that a lot of our members get our content there before they get it into their inbox.

We don’t care about likes, shares or comments as much as we care about OUR people getting the content they want…

And Facebook is making it difficult for them.

This is TRULY a sad commentary on the state of America…

But on the other hand — it looks like we’ve MADE it!

We’re here! And Facebook knows it!

That must make them FURIOUS…

But it makes us happy.


“There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running about with lit matches.” ―Ray Bradbury