Remember when the international community—especially our allies—cheered upon hearing the news of Joe Biden’s ascendancy to the presidency?

They proclaimed that an “adult” was back in the White House and, in Biden, they had a partner that they could trust to have their backs.

Yeah, those were the days. But sadly, the world was wrong.

Now France, America’s oldest ally, is coming to regret their previous admiration for Joe Biden.

The Biden administration, in conjunction with the UK, announced last week that they would be providing the Australian government with the rights to purchase nuclear-powered submarines.

You might be wondering why this deal matters to France. Well, because France had made a previous deal with Australia to help them obtain submarines, but not of the nuclear variety.

France thought they had a deal with Australia, only to find out that Australia stood them up and went to the dance with the homecoming king.

And France is outraged!

So outraged in fact, that French President Emanuel Macron recalled his ambassadors from the US and Australia, a move that hadn’t been undertaken since the 1790s during the Washington administration.

The Economist reported, “Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French foreign minister, on September 16th described the deal as a ‘stab in the back’, the anger in Paris was plain. The next day, the French recalled their ambassador to Washington, DC (and that to Australia), for the first time since the 1790s.”

Joe Biden is so bad at foreign policy that even the French are pulling their ambassador out of Washington D.C. That is a low point in American foreign policy.

And France appears to be justified in their anger. (These are words that I never thought I would write. This is yet another illustration of how terrible a president Joe Biden is. I actually felt compelled to take the French side!)

Now, it makes strategic sense for the Biden administration to form a military alliance with Australia, but it is the way that his administration circumvented the French that is the issue here.

Helping Australia helps guard the US against China in the Asia-Pacific region, making it a smart decision.

However, the problem is that Biden and the Australians lied to the French and hid from them the details of their nuclear submarine deal, a deal that was worth $90 billion.

They pulled the rug from under the French, and now they have been embarrassed on the international stage, something the French don’t take well.

This latest foreign policy blunder by the Biden administration, added to the calamitous withdraw from Afghanistan, has America’s allies pondering why they would possibly trust the United States under Joe Biden to keep their word.

Our allies complained that then-President Trump was not trustworthy, however, he simply wanted to get our friends in NATO to pay their fair share of our strategic partnership.

If any of our allies would have been attacked, it strains credulity to believe that Trump would have left them to fend for themselves.

But with Joe Biden, that prospect is a real possibility.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates once stated that he believed Joe Biden had been on the wrong side of every major foreign policy decision in his decades long career.

Unfortunately for our allies, Gates was right, and they are having to learn about Biden’s incompetence the hard way.