It is time for another edition of Biden’s Blunders, where we have fun at the expense of our nation’s 46th president, Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Sleepy Joe continues to fumble his words, clearly becoming less coherent as he ages.

At a recent appearance in Chicagoland, Biden once again mumbled and blabbered on about something so incoherent no translator in the world could decipher what they just heard.

In a hilarious moment of television, Fox News dropped in on Biden’s speech, and the scene that unfolded gave us the best laugh of the week.

The Western Journal described Biden’s blundering moment as presented on Fox News this way:

“A Fox News host explained the network was going to do a live listen-in on Biden’s speech. When it did, Biden was prattling on about ‘the Ohio Pennsylvania’ and ‘the Illinois president.’

After about 30 seconds of what can only be described as strange rambling, the Fox News host cut away from the disaster and assured viewers the network would continue ‘monitoring’ the speech…

At another point in the speech, the president was trying to describe a phone conversation he apparently had the night before, but he struggled to conjure up the right words to do so.

‘You know, if I can digress for a just second, last night I was on the television…on television…I was on the telephone …’”

See for yourself the entire clip here.

However, Biden wasn’t done blundering. Because Blundering Joe is gonna blunder!

It’s kind of his thing.

Here is another clip from the same speech.

This incident was similar to another blunder Biden had during an April speech.

During the address, Biden mumbled something so indecipherable that only a toddler could translate the garbled words that came out of his mouth.

From what I could make out, Biden said something along these lines: “absolutely determined to trunalimumdeprzure meet merfeathenrazasaur to get the job done.”


That’s our president, folks. Sleepy Joe often jumbles his words, speaks in a soft tone, shouts at random moments, and says stuff that leave heads scratching.

And that has been this week’s Biden’s Blunders. Where, as always, we had fun at the expense of our nation’s 46th president, Joseph R. Biden Jr.

See you next time!