We have been told to follow “the science” with regards to COVID-19, and to be a “science-denier” in the COVID age is a cardinal sin. Well, if we are “following the science,” then why is President Biden mandating that most employers and all government workers/contractors get the COVID-19 vaccine?

The data so far has shown that, after six months, the effectiveness of the vaccines begin to diminish, and in fact, cases are now more common in countries like the UK among those who are vaccinated.

Writing for the Blaze, Daniel Horowitz wrote in “The U.K., which posts the most comprehensive granular weekly data every Thursday, shows that COVID cases per capita are more common among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated in most age groups.”

Joe Biden isn’t telling the truth when he claims that the pandemic continuation is solely the fault of the unvaccinated.

And despite the preponderance of evidence, Biden is now usurping his Constitutional role and forcing nearly all Americans to get the vaccine.

And even worse, the White House staff are puffing their chests about it and threatening governors like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott for defying Biden’s unconstitutional mandate.

At a press briefing this week, Jen “Circle Back” Psaki had this to say according to Breitbart:

“‘We know that federal law overrides state law,’ she said referring to state attempts to ban vaccine passports.

She accused Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of playing politics by issuing executive orders that fight vaccine passports.

‘Why would you be taking steps that prevent the saving of lives that make it more difficult to save lives across the country or in any state?’ she asked.

Psaki argued that the governors were ‘putting politics ahead of public health.’

‘Every leader should be focused on supporting efforts to save lives and end the pandemic,” she said.

“Bottom line is, we’re going to continue to implement the law, which the president of the United States has the ability, the authority, the legal authority to do.’”

Governor DeSantis isn’t backing down to the administration. In fact, he is taking the opposite approach and has made it illegal for vaccines to be mandated in the Sunshine State.

Yesterday, Florida levied a massive fine on Leon County for firing fourteen county employees for refusing to get a jab.

The Daily Wire reported, “The Florida Department of Health fined Leon County more than $3.5 million last week after it fired over a dozen workers for refusing to show proof of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

Florida sent a letter to Leon County administrator Vincent Long on Wednesday notifying him that the county has been found to have violated state law 714 times and would be fined $3.57 million.”

The efficacy of the vaccine is waning, but we aren’t allowed to bring attention to data that contradicts the narrative of the Biden administration, Big Tech, and the media.

You must get a vaccine…or everyone will die!

They have successfully convinced millions of Americans that this is the case, and this article will likely be censored by our Big Tech overlords despite citing sources and raw data.

Because the statists never let facts get in the way of their quest for control.