Once again, Florida is leading the nation in one of the most pressing issues facing our country: the crisis at the southern border.

Taking more action than most members of Congress or the Senate, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody on Tuesday filed a lawsuit in the Northern District of Florida against the Biden administration for violating federal immigration law.

The attorney general’s office published a statement announcing the legal action taken against several Biden administration officials, including the DHS secretary, acting ICE director, and others.

Explaining the reason for the lawsuit, the release stated, “According to federal law, arriving immigrants, including those claiming asylum, are required by law to be detained while immigration courts determine if there is a valid basis to enter the United States,” referring to Biden’s reinstatement of “catch-and-release.”

This policy, used under Obama to document illegal immigrants and release them into the country to await trial, was brought to an end by the Trump administration and reimplemented by Biden shortly after taking office.

“As a result of the Biden administration’s illegal abdication of duty, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has already released more than 225,000 illegal border crossers this year,” the statement continued.

Floridians will be negatively impacted by Biden’s open border policies, Moody says, through financial burden, as well as risking physical safety. “Biden’s lax border policy is an open invitation to dangerous criminals, human traffickers and drug traffickers to enter the United States—creating a crisis at the Southern Border like we have never seen,” said the attorney general.

“The federal government cannot simply ignore federal laws because it does not agree with them politically,” Moody said. “The Biden administration must implement the immigration policy required under federal law and we are asking the court to take swift action to reduce the harm caused by Biden’s inaction.”

Backing the lawsuit is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has been a strong proponent for strong immigration policies and securing the border.

DeSantis said in a statement that he supports the lawsuit’s intention of “challenging” Biden’s catch-and-release policy.

“We will continue to hold the federal government accountable for refusing to enforce the immigration laws of this country,” the Florida governor added.

For months, illegal immigrants have been surging the southern border and the Biden administration has done next to nothing to stop it.