Florida’s booming economy is proof of what could happen if states thought for themselves rather than listening to arbitrary “science” and “guidelines” that change at the whims of the Democrats.

Because of the state leadership’s commitment to making decisions based on what works, their economy is thriving and the housing market is skyrocketing.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that the unemployment rate continues to drop from April 2020’s peak of 14.7%. It currently sits at 6.1%, which is lower than the national average, and is expected to continue decreasing throughout 2021.

DeSantis added that Florida’s housing market has seen a vast upswing in a “25% increase in home sales year-over-year,” in 2020 from 2019.

“If you look at the top 25 places where new home construction is taking place at the highest levels, plurality of those are in Florida,” the governor told Bartiromo.

Despite the media’s attempt to smear DeSantis’s decision to remain open with damning COVID statistics, the governor vowed his state is “not turning back.”

In fact, DeSantis revealed that about 1.75 million seniors have been vaccinated already, which is about 40% of all seniors in Florida, Fox reported.

With almost half of Florida seniors already getting their first dose of the vaccine, there is certainly no reason to retreat to ineffective and unconstitutional lockdowns.

“Biden is a lockdowner, his advisers are lockdowners. Lockdowns don’t work. We’ve demonstrated that,” DeSantis said, blasting the Biden Administration.

New York, for example, a state that has hunkered down for nearly an entire year now, has seen more deaths than Florida even though the Sunshine State has a higher population.

Even if semi-lockdowns miraculously worked to prevent the spread of a contagious virus, they would still be anti-American and unconstitutional.

As a result of the draconian lockdowns that are causing unemployment and increased poverty, New York is hemorrhaging residents. Soon, they may not have much of a state left. And if they do at the end of all this, it won’t be the bustling hub of city life it once was.

DeSantis’s refusal to cave to the Democrats’ demands that he shut down Florida is already resulting in fast economic recovery, rebounding job growth, and a booming housing market.

The cherry on top of living in a thriving state is that those who want to stay home and quarantine are welcome to, but anyone who wants to go to work, eat at restaurants, go to the beach, or any other activity can do that too.

That’s the beauty of freedom.