Do you know about “Florida Man?” Have you heard the legends?

For those that don’t know, the state of Florida is chock full of crazy. Not just crazy people, but craziness in general.

Just today, I was explaining to our very own California transplant Grace Saldana how Florida is the “Australia of America.” When she asked us what we meant, our editor Connor Walcott explained: “We’ve got crazy weather and the wildlife is trying to kill you.”

That’s Florida in a nutshell. And as crazy as this state can be, it truly can’t hold a candle to the cast of characters that make up the population of the Sunshine State.

There’s a reason why “Florida Man” has become a legend not only in the United States but around the world.

He’s a global phenomenon.

For those that don’t know, “Florida man” refers to unusual news stories that begin with that tagline. “Florida man was caught…” or “Florida man was found…”and these stories happen so often that it’s become a running global joke.

But Florida Man is more than just a crazy person getting caught doing crazy things.

Apparently, he’s a patriot as well.

Florida-Man To The Rescue!

As you’re likely aware, the Cuban people are rising up and taking to the streets to protest their communist regime and are being put down with the fascist tactics of their government.

They’re running out of resources now, and the Cuban government has turned off the power as well as the internet, leaving their people in the dark in hopes of quelling the start of a rebellion.

The thing is, the Cuban people don’t own guns, which means they don’t have the means to start a revolution no matter how much they crave their freedom. But on top of that, they don’t even have the basic necessities of food, water, and clothing.

But the hands of America’s government are largely tied by the fact that any American intervention could be seen as an act of war by Cuba’s allies—which include China and Russia.

It makes it so the American federal government couldn’t help even if they wanted to.

Of course, from the responses of the Democrat-led legislative and executive branches, it doesn’t seem like they would help even if they could.

So…who are the Cuban people going to count on to have their back during this trying time?

Yup, you guessed it…Florida-Man.

Apparently, some Florida residents are using their OWN boats in an attempt to run food and other supplies to the embattled Cubans just 90 miles away from Florida’s southernmost point.

Help Is On The Way

In fact, a large group of boaters left for the island on Monday, vessels packed with food, water, and medicine, according to a CBS new affiliate out of Miami.

One of these Freedom Boaters, Dennis Suayero, told the outlet, “We are just bringing supplies. They are trying to create a group to take on water, food, medicine, whatever we can to take a Cuba. We are just waiting for the approval so we can enter and give it to them.”

Obviously, there’s no guarantee that these supplies will reach the island, especially since Sleepy Joe’s administration has warned against these kinds of trips and have put the US Coast Guard on high alert.

However, if there is anybody that could escape the federal blockade, it’s a group of motivated Florida Men, whose ingenuity have given us some of the world’s most ridiculous technology.

Like this, for example:

While I would never hope for an international incident, I still hope these men are successful in getting these supplies to the people of Cuba who are in dire need of them.

If Biden won’t come to their aid, the American people will.

God bless the people of Cuba…

God bless the men and women willing to put their lives on the line to help them.



“For more than fifty years, Americans and Cubans have been isolated from one another even though Cuba is only 90 miles away from Florida.” – Ben Rhodes