Man, there are so many people who are willing to lie for their political beliefs these days.

It’s almost as if it’s actually becoming the NORM rather than the exception.

Think about EVERY politician who lied about Donald Trump’s role in the January 6th riot.

They knew that then-President Trump didn’t incite a riot or insurrection…

But they LIED.

How could he have incited ANYTHING when he beseeched the crowd in attendance that day to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard?

Anybody who voted for that impeachment is flat-out liar, plain and simple.

However, you don’t need to be at the top of the political food chain to lie to push your side’s agenda. You can be a simple data scientist involved in state research and want to make your Republican governor look like a corrupt liar who’s hell-bent on hiding the truth from the public.

The “Whistleblower’s” Tall Tale

If you remember, last year, back at the height of the pandemic, Rebekah Jones, a data scientist working for the state of Florida, became the darling of liberal media when she accused Ron DeSantis of attempting to cover up the true scale of the pandemic in his state.

Her face was all over the news since she was willing to talk to anybody she could to get her story of this supposed “coverup” out there.

This all came to light after Jones was fired in May 2020 for insubordination…

However, Jones maintained she was a model employee and was only fired because she was “blowing the whistle” on the truth of the COVID coverup…and she was saying that coverup was being spearheaded by Ronny D himself.

Well, it seems that the whole story was nothing but bogus, fake news…though that shouldn’t come as a shock.

A journalist for the National Review, Charles C.W. Cooke, has claimed that Jones actually NEVER had access to the raw data that she was allegedly told to manipulate.

His research shows that she was simply uploading the information to the website, nothing more and nothing less.

Even more, Cooke revealed that Jones was absolutely NOT fired for refusing to manipulate data, but rather for repeated misconduct.

After obtaining her personnel record from the Department of Health, Cooke proves that as early as April 2020 she was actively working to harm DeSantis and her own department on Facebook, making posts and giving frequent media interviews.

Her supervisors repeatedly asked her to stop, but she refused until she was placed on special management supervision, not to keep her under their thumb but in a compassionate attempt to save her job.

For a while, it worked, but in early May of 2020, she altered the design of the data site to make herself the SOLE administrator, cutting access off to her supervisors.

In her employee file, her supervisors wrote, “This [the site change] created unnecessary delays in updates to the dashboard over the next few days until all content was appropriately moved and layers properly recreated. This change, without my approval, directly disobeyed my instruction the previous day. Because the team was not informed, the team began troubleshooting the issue as if it were a system issue.”

The ACTUAL Reason Jones Was Fired

Jones was then removed as administrator of the dashboard, leading her to decide that the best course of action was to send an email to those on the site’s mailing list—including some individuals who didn’t even work for the department—indicating that the change was because she wouldn’t manipulate the data.

“This email caused an immediate influx of requests from media outlets,” her file states – and so her supervisors were left with no choice and Jones was fired in mid-May.

After her firing, Jones was accused of using old login credentials to gain “unauthorized access” to an employee messaging platform to send the group a text reading, “It’s time to speak up before another 17,000 people are dead. You know this is wrong. You don’t have to be a part of this. Be a hero. Speak out before it’s too late.”

A search warrant was issued for Jones’ home, alleging that she downloaded and saved health department data.

Jones claimed that the police “found no evidence” at first, but then wrote on Twitter after the raid: “police did find documents I received/downloaded from sources in the state, or something of that nature.”

So, the truth is out…

This woman was no whistleblower.

She was a deranged Liberal trying to damage the good name of Ron DeSantis, the governor who actually stuck by his constituents and got them through the pandemic with as little lost liberties as possible.

Just goes to show you…

There’s no limit to the depths that Liberals will sink in order to get their lies and agenda believed by the public.

Luckily, there are patriots around who are willing to do the work to uncover the truth.


“I hate a liar more than I hate a thief. A thief is only after my salary a liar is after my reality.” – Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson