In this episode, Connor and Ryan break down the vice-presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris. Compared to last week’s shouting match between Trump and Biden, this debate seemed almost cordial…but that doesn’t mean it was without its controversial moments. Harris, the media, and the Left are accusing Pence of being a sexist “mansplainer,” and the Right says Harris was smug, condescending, and unlikeable….but is any of that criticism fair? Does Pence’s performance show that he’s thinking of running in the next election? More importantly, what’s the deal with all these fly memes?

Then, the guys talk about the outlook on the presidential debates going forward. The next debate has suddenly been changed to a virtual setting, and Trump is refusing to participate. But can the president afford to skip it after his less-than-stellar performance at the last one? Does Trump still have enough momentum to get his campaign across the finish line?

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