There is a new trend breaking out on college campuses, and no, it’s not the latest fashion, gadget, or gizmo…

Surprisingly, it isn’t even something to do with the radical left on campus.

Nope, even college football fans have had enough of President Biden and are voicing their displeasure with the Blunderer and Chief.

Several college football fans could be heard chanting “F**k Joe Biden” during the last two weekend slate of games – and the trend seems to be picking up steam, as the chants have even infiltrated Major League Baseball, where New York baseball fans could be heard chanting the expletive against Biden during Saturday’s Yankees Vs. Mets game.

Normally, I wouldn’t support using public profanities against the sitting president, regardless of political party, but given how the Left treated former President Trump and Conservatives the previous four years, I find myself softening my stance on profanity laced tirades against the president.

And honestly, I found myself uttering the mantra last week when Biden announced that he would be mandating that employers force their employees to get the covid vaccine. If anything warrants an expletive laced chant against a sitting president, it is this unconstitutional power grab.

We have been duly informed by the media that Joe Biden is the most popular president in American history – simply because the man had the most votes in history (81 million) and was a return to normalcy.

He is sweet old Grandpa Joe. He is a return to “normalcy” after the presidency of the Big Bad Orange Man who was a bully who wasn’t nice on Twitter.

The media have reported extensively on the Biden presidency. They have had hard hitting exposes on Biden’s favorite ice cream. Which, for those enquiring minds, who care, is chocolate-chocolate chip.

But unbeknownst to the media elite, everyday Americans are souring on their chosen candidate.

Biden’s approval ratings are in the dumpster after a disastrous month of August in which the civilized world watched in horror as his administration failed miserably in their efforts to withdraw from- Afghanistan, to the detriment of an unknown number of American citizens left behind enemy lines, and the death of 13 American soldiers.

It isn’t any wonder why Americans are taking to sports stadiums to voice their displeasure with the current occupant of the White House.

In just eight months in office, Biden has presided over a resurgence in the pandemic, a poor economy plagued by inflation, the fall of Afghanistan and the abandonment of Americans, skyrocketing energy costs— thanks in part to his banning of pipelines and drilling— and a massive surge of illegal immigrants at the Southern border.

And this is in no way an exhaustive list of his failures.

And things aren’t likely to turn around anytime soon for Sleepy Joe.

Even if you aren’t a college football fan, taking your frustration out on Joe Biden is worth the price of admission.

This is a chant that fans of all teams should be able to support.

Watch the clip below.