In case you missed it, the first presidential debate that aired last night was more of a shouting match more than an intelligent back-and-forth of ideas. But perhaps that is in part due to the fact that Democrat nominee Joe Biden has virtually no ideas to offer.

So, all things considered, how could we really expect a faceoff between an empty vessel and President Trump to go?

Tuesday night’s first 2020 presidential debate, which was moderated by Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace, was nothing short of a debacle that is reflective of modern politics and the divided state our country is experiencing.

Before I go on, keep in mind the designated debate discussion topics were supposed to be limited to Supreme Court appointments, handling of COVID-19, restoring the economy, race relations and violence in US cities, President Trump and former VP Biden’s records in office, and election integrity.

However, many of the most heated moments of the night had nothing to do with those topics.

Just minutes into the debate, Wallace combatively asked the president about his stance on healthcare to which Trump responded, “I guess I’m debating you not him. That’s ok, I’m not surprised.”

This clip is a perfect indication of how the rest of the night would go. It wasn’t the last time Wallace would interrupt and unfairly question the president while giving softball questions to Joe Biden.

The debate continued to heat up as the night went on, and honestly, most of it was hard to understand with everyone talking over each other, hoping to come out on top.

While the president came off with a rather combative demeanor, Biden shamelessly resorted to throwing insults at Trump. During a moment of frustration, Biden called the president a “clown” and asked him to “shut up” multiple times.

While some political commentators and media outlets are saying it is difficult to declare a winner based on the candidates’ debate rowdy performance, it is clear President Trump came out on top because of his accomplishments and consistent record, and viewer polling reflects it.

Here is a clip of the president defending his record on the booming economy he created.

Meanwhile, Biden spent his time criticizing all that Trump’s achieved in office, while offering a total of zero alternatives.

According to national polling that came out following the debate, Biden remains slightly ahead of Trump which is no different from polls prior to the debate. However, the most interesting poll came from Telemundo, which indicated 66% of Spanish speaking voters favor Trump as the winner of Tuesday’s debate. Biden trails behind at 34%.

If Trump is winning even the Hispanics over with his controversial debate performance, most other American voters likely agree. While we didn’t necessarily learn anything new in last night’s debate, we did witness Trump’s ability to hold his own next to Biden, who simply was there to attack the president rather than provide any substantive debate answers for the American people.

Although the Democrats seem to think that is a good strategy for Biden, who often has cognitive lapses, to use, it seems to be backfiring as Trump’s popularity is only increasing with voters.

The next debate will be held on October 15th. But will that event be any better than last night’s? Only time will tell.