The country is on edge right now following the horrific mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

There is a lot of hatred in the air, and the fear of more violence is palpable.

Many are calling for more unity, but there appears to be no sign of that happening anytime soon.

And Hollywood is set to release a film that definitely won’t help matters.

Film Depicting Killings of Trump Supporters

The hypocrites who decry President Trump and his supporters for “promoting violence” are producing a film that depicts the hunting and killing of Trump supporters in a style similar to The Hunger Games franchise.

Fox News described the plot as “a satire that follows wealthy thrill-seekers taking a private jet to a five-star resort where they embark on a ‘deeply rewarding’ expedition that involves hunting down and killing designated humans.”

Who are those “designated humans.”

They are referred to as the “Deplorables.”

Who could they possibly be referring to?

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that they are hunting Trump supporters.

That is exactly who these rich liberals are targeting.

I’ve got to give Hollywood credit for one thing: they’re finally acknowledging that not all evil wealthy people are Republican. That is usually their stereotype in movies.

In the film, the “limousine liberals” hunt MAGA supporters for sport. One of the lines in the movie has a character saying, “Did anyone see what our ratf**ker-in-chief just said?”

That was obviously a swipe at President Trump.

The dialogue continues: “At least the Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables.”

Universal was pressured into suspending its promotional campaign in the wake of the recent shootings, and ESPN pulled a planned trailer from its lineup of commercials.

A Universal spokesperson said, “Out of sensitivity to the attention on the country’s recent shooting tragedies, Universal Pictures and the filmmakers of the Hunt have temporarily paused its marketing campaign and are reviewing materials as we move forward.”

That begs the question: If it is so violent, why make the film in the first place?

Also worth noting is the lack of acknowledgment by the studio that the film wrongfully targets Trump supporters to be slaughtered. That wasn’t in their press release.

A quick Google News search reveals the media’s bias against Trump and his supporters. Of the first ten search results, only one headline acknowledges that the film depicts the killings of Trump supporters. The rest of the articles stick to the generic “Ads for horror movie ‘The Hunt’ pulled after mass shootings.”

Notice that the headline makes it seem like the ad campaign was suspended for simply having gun violence; there is no mention of shooting Trump supporters for sport.

Nothing But Hypocrisy

The Left has no problem condemning Trump and his base for using so-called “violent rhetoric,” but they don’t see the contradiction in releasing a film that portrays ACTUAL violence against MAGA fans.

The far-Left news site Slate seems to relish in the premise of the film. They published an article titled: “Capturing the Zeitgeist: The Hunt is about Rich People Hunting Poor for Sport.”

If Karl Marx were to write for Slate, this would have been the headline he would have chosen; class warfare at its finest.

In the article, author Mathew Dessem writes, “it’s a truism that horror, science fiction, and exploitation films often wrestle with a society’s ill earlier and more frankly that other genres, even if they dress the problem up in a Godzilla suit. We’re facing our share of brand new, atom-bomb-class impending catastrophes today, one of America’s biggest problems.”

So, apparently, the film is doing a public service, according to Dessem.

These people are sick and demented if they think the premise of this film is justified. I have a suspicion that if those being hunted down were supporters of a liberal candidate their reaction might be different.

This is yet another example of Trump Derangement Syndrome.