Well, that’s it…

Fear has won.

After COVID cases started spiking all over the country, governors and mayors across the nation are mulling over new lockdowns and instituting stringent new orders for the Thanksgiving holiday.

This fear has taken over our once logical and sane minds and turned us into a frenetic and nervous mash of anger and cowardice.

This may be the biggest problem with a Biden win because Biden is the chosen leader of the fearful.

His own COVID advisor is in favor of a lockdown, and with the world believing him to be the next POTUS, Americans are anticipating that the (alleged) incoming President will surely mandate one.

That being the case, people are starting to lose their minds again.

Seriously, remember what happened with the first lockdown? People began buying paper towels and toilet paper as if they were expecting to stay locked in their homes for a decade.

You’d walk into a store and not only would if feel like a morgue, but the shelves would be empty of cleaning and paper products.

Fear Gripping The Nation


That fear has gripped America once again, and now, if you were to walk into a grocery store today, it would look no different than it did back in April.

The shelves are EMPTY…

There’s no toilet paper or paper towels…

Cleaning products picked through.

All because some governors have rolled back the openings of their states.

What’s baffling is that this is going on in states like Texas and Florida, where the Republican governors have vowed not to go back into lockdown no matter what happens.

But that’s how strong this fear is…

People are believing what they hear on the mainstream news reports, and they’re convinced that another nationally mandated lockdown is coming.

Well, here’s where being a federated republic comes in REAL handy…

There are a bunch of GOP governors that have already said they’d refuse to enforce one of these mandated lockdowns—and due to the Constitution, there really isn’t anything the federal government can do about it.

But again…

People are still buying into the fear.

A Cultivated Fear, Not A Natural One

People believe what is being said on CNN and MSNBC, and they forget that our Founding Fathers ensured that our states would have the final say in what is and ISN’T law for its citizens.

The WHO has said that lockdowns should not be the “go-to” move for any country and that there are other options available to help combat the pandemic.

Not to mention, we have multiple vaccinations that could be just weeks away from going into mass production.

So, what is everybody afraid of?

What do they feel is going to happen over the next 60 days that they haven’t already dealt with?

It’s fear, plain and simple…

A cultivated fear designed to control the American people…and they’ve fallen for it.

Welcome to 2020…

And it doesn’t look like 2021 doesn’t look like it’s going to get much better.


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” – H. P. Lovecraft