George Floyd will get justice. The police officer who killed him will be held accountable for his actions in a court of law for things he did. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

President Trump announced on Wednesday that he has expedited the FBI’s investigation into the police brutality incident, in a tweet that reads, “At my request, the FBI and the Department of Justice are already well into an investigation as to the very sad and tragic death in Minnesota of George Floyd…. I have asked for this investigation to be expedited and greatly appreciate all of the work done by local law enforcement. My heart goes out to George’s family and friends. Justice will be served!”


Despite a promise from the highest office in America that justice will avenge Floyd’s wrongful death, people continued to riot in Minneapolis, and the chaos quickly spread around the country as the riots continued on into Wednesday and Thursday night. What started as peaceful protests in Minneapolis became dangerous riots that expanded across the country, reaching as far as Los Angeles.

Rioters burned buildings down, looted stores, beat up white people identified as Trump supporters, attacked police cars, broke windows, and even burned the American flag. Because of the twisted lies the mainstream media has used to brainwash their viewers into believing that Trump and his supporters are violent racists, the conflict is only escalating. Additionally, rapper Ice Cube and Bishop Talbert Swan shared a fake photo associating Trump supporters with the cop who killed Floyd, and more people were undeservingly hurt as a result.

They were attacked simply because their skin color is white or they support Trump. The violence ensued regardless of the fact that George Floyd’s murder has still not been proven to be racially-motivated.

Now, innocent people are suffering the consequences of the Left’s race-baiting.

According to reports in Minnesota, a white man was dragged out of his car when protesters noticed his pro-Trump bumper sticker. The gathered crowd severely beat him and vandalize his vehicle before allowing him to escape.

It amazes me that they are attacking people who support Trump, the same man actively guaranteeing that justice will be served for George Floyd. If the protestors don’t believe the president at his word, that’s their choice, but it is unacceptable to senselessly assault innocent people.

A video at a local Target shows a looter hitting a disabled elderly white woman in the head after another one tries to get in the woman’s purse.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, rioters are attacking police cars, blocking freeways, and burning flags.

Protesters Burn American Flag in Violent DTLA Protest

Activists burn the American flag in Downtown L.A. as Black Lives Matter protests of the death of George Floyd continue into the night. The anger reaching across America and into L.A. as protesters here block the 101 Freeway and attack two CHP cruisers. Eyewitness News reporter Veronica Miracle is live amidst the protests. Tonight at 11 from ABC7.

Posted by ABC7 on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

These absolutely sickening scenes of violent, uncivil disobedience are never justifiable under any circumstance. Obscene rampages like these aren’t about getting for justice for Floyd, no matter what the media may tell you. These violent acts are about opportunistically disregarding any semblance of morality, taking out pent-up anger on those that the media says are the enemy—namely law enforcement and white people.

These “protestors” are disgracefully exploiting Floyd’s death because they think it gives them temporary immunity from the rule of law. This is nothing more than an excuse to steal and destroy things at random while hiding behind the veil of civil protests.

It is completely insulting to people of color who fight against racial injustice that rioters would do such horrible things in the name of that noble cause. As a member of a minority myself, I am offended and disappointed that so many people in the black community believe this behavior is justified.

The media, for their part, does nothing but perpetuate it, but we as a country need to rise above what they’re telling us. As soon as we accept rioting as an acceptable response, actions like these reflect on all minorities as a whole. To prevent that from happening, it is extremely important that we fight back against the idea that we support this kind of response.

If we want to live up to the standard of civility that makes America great, then we need to do better. The burden of achieving equality falls on everyone, not just people of one race or group.