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This week former, President Barack Obama returned to lecture us, we learned how much Dr. Anthiny Fauci hates puppies, Americans rebelled against vaccine mandates, Glenn Youngkin gained ground on Terry McAuliffe, and the dysfunctional Democrats couldn’t pass Joe Biden’s signature legislation.

Obama Returns!

Barack Obama Accuses Anti-CRT Parents of Engaging in "Trumped-Up, Phony Culture War"

The former lecturer-in-chief returned to do what he does best: talk down to us poor conservative plebians.

While campaigning for Gubernatorial candidates Terry McAuliffe in Virginia and Phil Murphy in New Jersey, former President Barack Obama mocked the concerns of parents upset over schools teaching  critical race theory and sexually explicit materials.

Emerging from his palatial Martha’s Vineyard estate, the 44th president said, “We don’t have time to waste on phony culture wars or fake outrage that the right-wing media peddling just to juice up your ratings.”

Well, then, Barack, tell your woke friends to stop starting culture wars! Then those of us on the Right won’t have to “waste” our time fighting back against the woke mob.

He smugly overlooked true concerns parents have about the curriculum their sons and daughters are being taught.

In many schools, children are being taught that white kids are inherently racist for simply being born and should be ashamed of themselves and the country in which they live.

If anyone should understand the concerns of the parents, it should be Barack Obama. At the end of his New Jersey speech, Obama said the following:

“The thing about being a parent is that there are two cliches that are absolutely true. One is man, they grow up fast. And the other cliche that is absolutely true is you will do anything for them. You will do anything to make their lives better. You will sacrifice anything for them.

You’ll jump into — you’ll jump in front of a freight train, you will wrestle a bear for your kids. So right now.”


That is why parents are taking such a firm stance against harmful ideologies and political activists masquerading as school board officials. Take, for example, Scott Smith, a father in Laudon Country, Virginia, who was willing to be arrested for voicing his outrage at school administrators for covering up the rape of his daughter by a boy student who dressed up as a girl and proceeded to sexually assault her in a school bathroom.

Oh, how I don’t miss this man as president.

Read all about Obama’s full statement HERE.

Cruella De-Fauci

Leaked NIH Documents Reveal Fauci Using Taxpayer Funds for Brutal, Inhumane Experiments on Puppies

Fans of the classic Disney film 101 Dalmatians are familiar with the film’s villain, Cruella Deville, who aspired to make herself a coat out of the skins of dalmatian puppies. A cruel devil indeed.

Well, there is a real-life Cruella Deville. His name is Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Apparently, when his agency isn’t funding coronavirus research in Wuhan, China, the NIAID is funding research that involves torturing puppies.

You read that right. Man’s best friend was tortured in the name of science.

FreedomWire editor Connor Walcott detailed the gruesome details earlier this week:

The NIH, more specifically Fauci’s NIAID, conducted research into parasite-born illnesses, specifically those carried by the region’s sandflies. During the course of the experiment, one group of the beagle puppies were deliberately infected, force-fed experimental medications, and then killed and dissected to study the drugs’ effects.

Another group of puppies was sedated and placed inside sandfly-filled enclosures so that researchers could observe the insects eating them alive “for scientific purposes.”

But to preserve the mental health of the scientists conducting these heinous experiments, the WCWP alleges that the NIH made sure the puppies were “debarked” first. “Debarked,” of course, is a dressed-up, slightly more palatable way of saying that the puppies’ vocal cords were sliced, rendering them unable to bark or otherwise cry out as NIH researchers tortured them to death.”

As if being implicated in tyrannical COVID lockdowns and possible gain-of-function research weren’t bad enough, now we have even more reason to hate Fauci.

Read more about Fauci’s mad science HERE.

Hell No To Vaccine Mandates!

NYC Workers Shut Down Brooklyn Bridge to Protest Vaccine Mandate

Americans have had enough of government crackdowns on our individual liberties.

In New York, massive protests took place protesting Mayor Bill De Blasio’s vaccine mandate.

FreedomWire’s Shawn Ambrosino wrote of the New York protest:

Thousands of New Yorker workers showed the world that freedom is THEIR focus when they marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in protest of the vaccine mandate made by Bill de Blasio for city workers, set to go into effect on November 1.

But de Blasio’s city is about to descend into chaos, as thousands of workers will not comply with his order to receive at least one dose of the COVID vaccine by Friday at 5pm or else be put on unpaid leave and possibly lose their jobs.

This means that come Saturday, many aspects of the city will come to a grinding halt…and it will all be because de Blasio is trying to force a vaccine that isn’t anywhere near 100% effective.

Read more about the vaccine pushback HERE.



Glenn Youngkin Takes Lead in Virginia Gubernatorial Campaign!

Glenn Youngkin Poised to Upset Terry McAuliffe in Virgina

Next week, Virginians will go to the polls to choose the commonwealth’s next governor.

Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, once appeared to be the clear favorite in the race, but that is no longer the case. Youngkin has gained steam in the last month of the race, in large part by riding the wave of anger from Virginia parents who are upset with what school boards, like the one in Loudoun County, Va., are teaching their children.
Real Clear Politics average of polls have McAuliffe with a narrow lead, but two new polls show the race tied, and a Fox News poll released on Thursday has Youngkin with an 8-point lead.

The Virginia race is being closely watched by politicos to see if a Republican will benefit from the anti-Critical Race Theory rage, thus representing a bellwether race for the 2022 midterms.

Read more about Youngkin’s comeback HERE.



Deal or No Deal? Dems Drag Their Feet On Build Back Better

Dysfunctional Democrats Unclear about Budget Deal Being Reached

Nope. Still no deal on Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda…because the Democrats are bad at governing.

Capitol Hill reporters were running around like chickens with their heads cut off Thursday morning, desperately trying to find out if Democrats have reached a deal on infrastructure and the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better bill.

The radical Left wing of the party and the more moderates towards the center are battling it out over two major spending bills: the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and a massive $3.5 trillion liberal wish list masquerading as a budget reconciliation bill.

In a strategy of monumental idiocy, President Biden has tied the two bills together; either Dems pass the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package, or there is no infrastructure bill. End of story.

Read more about the debate over Build Back Better HERE.





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