The day has finally come where Dr. Anthony Fauci uttered the words “back to normal” in reference to the toll coronavirus lockdowns have taken on society.

Honestly, I was becoming increasingly doubtful we would ever see the doctor say that we will indeed return to the old normal, considering how he’s openly lied to the American public and misled us about almost every coronavirus measure we’ve taken since last March.

During an MSNBC segment on Thursday, Dr. Fauci told Andrea Mitchell that we could go back to almost 100% normal, with the exception of masks, “by the end of the year, by Christmas.”

“If you’re going to ask, what about getting back to a situation where you can have theaters that might be able to have below capacity, that restaurants, indoor dining can be happening, but with moderately diminished capacity?” Fauci asked rhetorically, “That’s going to be somewhere between the fall and the end of the year.”

The highest-paid government official added we could be at a point where we “almost don’t know the difference between what it was before,” besides mask-wearing, could be “as the president said, by the end of the year, by Christmas”, Fauci stated.

The doctor added a disclaimer that “these are all estimates” subject to change as “things can happen to modify that.”

While I’m not going to hold my breath that anything Fauci says is accurate since I have no reason to believe he won’t flip flop on this next week, I must say it is relieving to hear something resembling a timeline on going back to normal.

Even if that timeline is unnecessarily exaggerated being that Fall or Winter is at least seven months away, I’m still glad to hear an end to this pandemic is coming soon.

And if going back to normal means all Americans are going to be more or less required to take the vaccine, continue to wear face masks, and social distance, then we are essentially just being given an ultimatum.

It’s more like, “Do what we say, or you will never go ‘back to normal.’”

But, as always, I remain hopeful and optimistic that, in America, there will be no consequence resulting in exile from functioning in society for noncompliance with coronavirus measures.

Hopefully, we will be able to take Dr. Fauci at his word and simply go back to normal without strings attached.