Even the satirical site the Babylon Bee couldn’t come up with a better joke than this. Despite being publicly hypocritical, contradicting himself time and time again since the pandemic began, Dr. Anthony Fauci is penning a book outlining his leadership strategies and discussing the importance of “truth.”

I am not kidding.

The man has been wrong countless times, and has even admitted he lied about masks, and yet he’s going to lecture us on what it means to tell the truth.

The Daily Caller reported, “Anthony Fauci is set to publish a book towards the end of the year offering his views on truth, his philosophy on life and looking toward a brighter future.”

Barnes & Noble sums up the book this way: “The earnest reflections in these pages offer a universal message on how to lead in times of crisis and find resilience in the face of disappointments and obstacles.”

This isn’t the first book that is to be published about Dr. Fauci. In March, it was announced that a children’s book will be released this month about Dr. Fauci’s life, titled: Dr. Fauci: How A Boy From Brooklyn Became America’s Doctor.

The publisher of the book wrote: “His father and immigrant grandfather taught Anthony to ask questions, consider all the data, and never give up—and Anthony’s ability to stay curious and to communicate with people would serve him his entire life.”

Consider all the data? Then why did Fauci initially not support wearing masks, then reverse course and recommend—and then MANDATE—mask-wearing? Despite ample studies showing that masks aren’t effective at preventing the spread of COVID, Dr. Fauci nonetheless soldiered on, lecturing Americans on the need to wear masks and even going as far as wearing two masks himself.

It was pure political theatre.

He also claimed that COVID could be spread on surfaces, which was likewise not true.

He claimed that massive lockdowns would prevent the spread of the virus. Not true.

He claimed that hydroxychloroquine didn’t work, despite many doctors prescribing the drug and reporting positive results.

Fauci warned that Florida, Texas, and Georgia would see a surge in coronavirus cases and deaths by opening their economy too early. He was wrong again. In fact, the exact opposite has happened since the states reopened.

Fauci the fraud is the highest-paid person in government, making more money than the president, despite being wrong too many times to count. That’s a good gig if you can get it.

Maybe Fauci and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo could co-author a book on pandemic leadership.

As you may recall, Cuomo authored a book about his “strong leadership” during the pandemic, despite presiding over the most deaths from the virus early on and sending thousands of senior citizens to their deaths in nursing homes.

The level of incompetent leaders destroying our liberties without following the science is just as much of a crisis as the pandemic itself.

And now Fauci is touting his “leadership” that cost people’s lives and liberties.

The “15 days to slow the spread” has turned into a year that we will never get back.

I am not usually an advocate for burning books, but if there is one book that I wouldn’t mind seeing burned, it is this book by Dr. Fauci.