Apparently, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s idea of what America should look like during post-pandemic flu seasons is the dystopian look from that sci-fi movie The Purge. Now, the renowned yet flawed doctor thinks we should walk around with not just face masks, but also goggles.

Can you imagine? People might as well be wearing military-grade gas masks by his recommendations.

During an interview on Instagram Live with ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Dr. Fauci suggested that “Theoretically, you should protect all the mucosal surfaces. So if you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it.”

The doctor continued, “I’m hoping that the wearing of masks and other coverings are going to not only protect us against COVID-19 but also help protect us against Influenza,” he said, doubling down on the idea of multiple coverings.

To give Dr. Fauci the benefit of the doubt here, yes, your eyes are one of the most common ways to contract a virus. Many people get sick because they rub their eyes with dirty hands. This is one reason why throughout the pandemic doctors relentlessly urged us to wash our hands and avoid touching our faces. It is highly likely that Dr. Fauci is making the simple conclusion that, if you can get sick through contact with your eyes, then you should cover them. That is not hard to understand.

However, recommending that people wear goggles throughout future flu seasons is just a little overboard. I personally refuse to accept a dehumanizing future where you can’t see someone’s face because they are absolutely terrified of getting sick – or because the government requires it.

In an interview last week that flew under the radar, Dr. Fauci strongly said he urges local leaders to be as “forceful as possible” when it comes to ensuring Americans wear face masks. That’s a strong statement from someone who just a few months ago said that face mask-wearing is not as effective in preventing infection as it is in making people simply feel better, implying that it’s more of a placebo effect.

See that clip HERE.

How about, no, Dr. Fauci. Just a friendly reminder that this is the United States of America, not Communist China. Our country was founded on freedom, so “experts” like him can’t exactly walk in and tell our elected officials to restrict our rights as Americans.

Again, I reject the idea of a future where we are stripped of our rights in the name of safety because some “medical expert” thinks it’s the right thing to do.

Medicine is politicized.

The medical industry seems to have this reputation in America of being led by our brightest people, the best of the best, who follow the science and want to help people. While that remains true, we must remember that there are differing opinions within science and some of those are politically motivated.

We cannot blindly accept anything from prestigious doctors like Dr. Fauci just because we are told they know what is best for us. It is vital that we decide what’s best for us and are allowed to make our own personal choices, especially if we want to continue residing in a truly free country that recognizes us as individuals who have rights. We should reject the idea that a few elites make decisions for the collective, even in a country as big as ours. We must choose to uphold the integrity of our founding or else risk losing what our country stands for.