Up is down and down is up. 2+ 2=5. The sun is really the moon.

These are all true. How do I know this? I know because this is “my truth.” You can’t dispute “my” truth because it is “mine.”

Of course, I am being facetious to make a point, but sadly, the woke mob believe that their “truth” is the ONLY truth…

And if you dare criticize them you are a bigot and are to be sentenced to a public shaming at the hands of the mob.

You say that there is only one gender; you are a racist. You say that men can’t have babies or menstruate; you are transphobic. You claim that America isn’t a racist country; this is proof of your inherent racism. You think that the laws of Math and Science are not subjective but are objective truths; you are a racist, science denying, fool, who must be banished to the outer rims of hell.

Sadly, everything I just stated has been claimed by the far Left in one form or fashion.

Aristotle and the great philosophers of ancient times must be rolling over in their grave. Aristotle once said that “To say of what is that it is, or of what is not that it is not, is true.” In other words, the world provides “what is” or “what is not,” and the true saying or thought corresponds to the fact so provided.

Translation: The laws of nature are immutable and don’t change because of your feelings or beliefs.

For example: The earth goes around the sun. That is true. We know this because we can observe this, and even if we couldn’t observe this, it would still be true.

Objective truth is a reminder, as philosophy professor Peter van Inwagen observed, “there is a world outside us, and that what one says or believes is in most cases true (if it is true) or false (if it is false) in virtue of that world outside us…

And why is this particular word —objective— used for this purpose?

Its use reflects the fact that truth and falsity are conferred on statements and beliefs by their objects, by what they’re about: the earth and the sun and how they move in relation to each other…

The words objective truth are a reminder that the truth of a belief or statement is entirely a matter of how things are with its object, and has nothing to do with the state of its subject – the person who has the belief or makes the statement.”

Or, put more succinctly: “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

George Orwell warned us these days would come. When we can’t even agree that there is objective truth we are in trouble.

How are we supposed to stay united as a people if we can’t even agree that there are only two genders and that math only has one true answer… asking students to show their work on a math problem has nothing to do with racism.

These are the bizarre times we live in.

And you don’t need to have read Aristotle to understand this.