As the sun sets on FreedomWire, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our time together and discuss what the future has in store for America.

If there’s one thing in life that is certain (other than death and taxes), it’s that things will change.

Change is guaranteed. The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability…and as the United States has come to know all too well in the last few years, nothing good lasts forever.

I say this because, after more than three amazing years of championing the cause of American conservatism, FreedomWire is changing.

Our time fighting to be the counterbalance to our liberal world is coming to an end.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, FreedomWire will be riding off into the sunset at the end of this week.

Understandably, the entire team is saddened and disappointed by this development—but we’ll all be eternally grateful that we had the chance to do our part in trying to show the world the OTHER side of the story.

FreedomWire started as a counterweight to the increasingly liberal news coverage of the mainstream media. We were sick and tired of people only getting ONE side of the story (and that side was very rarely the truth).

When our fearless leader Darren Grant started putting together the team in 2018, he found like-minded individuals that shared his love for this country.

He wanted people that had a passion for America and, even more so, a passion for freedom…and in that, he definitely succeeded.

Why FreedomWire Grew So Big, So Fast

The FreedomWire team couldn’t have come from more diverse backgrounds…but, like America itself, we found strength in our differences.

Each member of the FreedomWire team had unique talents and perspectives that set them apart, but we were all united by the same laser-like focus on what truly matters: Freedom.

From a perfectly-coiffed editing phenom to a midwestern Conservative prodigy, from a half-Mexican patriotic belle to a tattooed and grizzled ex-liberal, we worked together as a team to fight what we called “the libtocracy.”

It was us against them…

And we knew that as long as we had people like you behind us—people that understood that no amount of security or safety is EVER worth the price of freedom—we could be successful.

For a time, we were…

Our readership was on its way to a million subscribers, we were humming along with great content and a growing podcast audience, and things could NOT have been any better.

Then, some shakeups with Big Tech and a series of events outside our company robbed us of the VAST majority of our readers. After that…COVID happened.

We tried valiantly to get to where we were pre-COVID…but we just couldn’t get there.

And so, it is with heavy hearts that we announce that FreedomWire as you know it is coming to an end.

What’s Next For Our Team?

As of this week, our voices will no longer come to you in article and podcast form as we defend the causes of freedom, virtue, and American excellence.

But luckily, our entire team was picked up by a player in a different game.

While we won’t be talking politics anymore, we will still be together as a team, tasked with helping people find a DIFFERENT kind of freedom: financial freedom.

Ryan Meilstrup, Connor Walcott, and Shawn Ambrosino are already in the process of launching a hot new financial newsletter called “Money Moves.” (Stay tuned for more updates to learn more.) While we’re sad to be stepping away from politics, we’re also excited to start using our individual skills to help people find a way to prosper in a very dodgy economy (thanks, Sleepy Joe).

Trust me, you’ll still know it’s us. We aren’t leaving our Conservative roots behind!

In the meantime, Grace Saldana will be moving on to a full-time position with Right Side Broadcasting, so be sure to check out her upcoming written and video content over there for more of the patriotic news you’ve come to love.

However, if financial insight isn’t your thing, we understand, and we just wanted to thank you for believing in FreedomWire’s vision and trusting us to keep you informed for the last three years.

While we may have been the “team,” YOU were FreedomWire—and we will always appreciate you.

Until we meet again…

Stay free, and God bless the United States of America!

–Your Friends at FreedomWire

P.S. If you’re in the mood for a trip down memory lane, here’s a look back at some of our favorite articles from the last few years!

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